Latest Windows Phone 7 TV ad finally shows something worth talking about

You all probably already know that I’m not really fond of Microsoft’s Marketing team…Anyway, they have released a new Windows Phone 7 TV ad that finally shows something worth talking about: Speech Recognition associated with Bing (powered by Tellme). Ironically I demoed the same features to a somebody last week and totally blew his mind with it (I showed him the real-time flight status search using Tellme. But you know what was sad about that? The person’s brother (who lives with him) has a Windows Phone 7 device since launch (Optimus 7) and didn’t even know that long pressing on the home button activates the speech recognition feature! That’s how bad Microsoft’s WP7 marketing is (hey maybe somebody up there should hire me to run their worldwide ad campaign? no? oh well…). Check out the ad after the break:

Hopefully this one will be aired all over the world and not only in the US.

BTW, when will Microsoft give me the ability to change my Zune/XboxLive acount location? I created it nearly 5 years ago just to check an Xbox 360 demo that was only available in the US and I’m now stuck with it because it’s tied to my main hotmail account. The end result is that I can’t buy anything using this account (needs a US credit card). Come on Redmond! Just give me the ability to choose the local Marketplace I want to buy from on the fly. Let me download free apps and trials in the US and buy apps where I live. Or simply allow me to correct my location…meh…

  • Bjørn Are Andreassen

    Which phone is used in this video?

  • fredrik72

    The only problem is, bing speak recognition doesn’t work outside US so while this ad is superb and the best so far, it would make for a lot of upset and disappointed customers if aired in Europe for instance…

  • MobileTechWorld

    That’s unfortunately true for voice search but other voice activated features (launching apps, calling people) work in Five languages. But technically anybody can make voice activated search work just by setting the phone’s region to US and same for the OS language (that’s how I’ve been using it) but this obviously isn’t a really solution. Bing should get out of beta in several European countries in Q1 next Year.

  • MobileTechWorld

    This is not a really phone. Just a dummy piece of plastic :) . The UI is composited in post-production

  • Viruela22

    omnia 7

  • Therealjomon

    The speech recognition feature of WP7 and the fact that you can trigger it from the lock screen has totally changed the way I use my phone. I can’t even remember the last time I used my address book to call a contact and it is such an awesome tool for finding stuff around your location. The fact that you can pin the voice search result to the home screen is an added bonus and is a big help for planning trips.