Deezer for Windows Phone 7 released: Hands-on video

Contrary to Pandora who is apparently not ready yet for Windows Phone 7 and Spotify who’s still mum about the release date of its WP7 application, the frenchies at Deezer have just released their free music streaming app in the marketplace and frankly did a pretty good job with it. For those of you who are not based in Europe, Deezer is currently the leading music streaming service in France (with nearly 4 million users) and is also available in several other European countries. The Windows Phone 7 application is available for free right now but only in french (but downloadable in all countries) and will give you access to 20 webradios and hundreds of smartradios but only 30secs previews of “regular” songs. To have access to the full songs you will gave to subscribe to a Premium + account (€9,99/month) which is unfortunately only available to french users right now. Check out my full hands-on video after break:

As you can see the application works as it should and seems to be extremely well coded. There’s no noticeable lags or loading time unlike the vast majority of the application currently availableon Windows Phone 7. The run under lock screen feature works as it should and you also have the ability to download all your purchased songs, playlists and albums directly to your phone to listen to them offline (unfortunately this is totally separated from the Zune service so you will only be able to listen to them via the Deezer application). So even thought you are probably not in France I highly suggest that you download it just to try it out and see how a WP7 application should be done.

  • MonSmartphone

    Pretty nice and useful app :)

    Did you know the PC version is really free in streaming ?

    They make profit on Deezer for smartphone and that’s good for the artists ;)

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup can stream to the full songs via the website for free. It’s a really nice app.Better than the Android and iPhone version IMO. Perfect use of the Metro UI IMO