Why did Google cripple the Google Nexus S ?

Sometimes I just can’t figure out why big companies (well mainly Microsoft lately) do stupid things. This week, it’s Google’s turn to take the cake with the Google Nexus S. As you probably already know, the Nexus S is nothing more than a Google branded Samsung Galaxy S with an added NFC chip and 16GB of on-board NAND flash memory. So what’s the big deal? Well the geniuses in Mountain View decided to strip the device from one of the Galaxy S’s best feature: 720P video capture (you can check out several Galaxy S HD samples and comparisons videos I shot in my YouTube Channel here). When the device’s specifications were first announced a few days ago I thought that maybe there was a typo and things were going to be corrected but unfortunately it turned out to be true and the Nexus S can only shoot videos at a max resolution of 720×480. Can anybody tell me why Google would do this? Seriously? The hardware can shoot 720P video with a 12Mbps bit-rate without breaking a sweat so what’s up with that? There’s nothing logical behind this decision. Everybody’s making a big fuss about the lack of micro-sd slot (so Google is now ”copying” Microsoft and Apple, right? ;) ) but strangely I’m not seeing  lot of drama about the crippling of the camera. All in all I don’t see why anybody should get a Nexus S instead of one of the Galaxy S variant currently on the market (besides the need for the currently useless NFC chip). I’m sure that Samsung will release an Android 2.3 rom later next year anyway (or you can count on xda-devs for that…).

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