Get a perfect reading of your Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus battery life

I was playing around with the Samsung Omnia 7 (and Focus) Diagnosis mode this morning to find out some more information about the hardware but apparently missed something really interesting which was pointed out to me a few hours ago (thanks @anaadoul). You can actually get a perfect reading of your device’s battery life by entering the Battery Status sub-menu (*#2*#) and going to the second page (hit the arrow on the top right) and you should have a table full of info (pictured above). So what does all that mean? Well, turns out that everything is explain in the Windows CE 6.0 documentation available here. This can also be taken as a confirmation that Windows Phone 7 is CE 6 based I guess…


Percentage of full backup battery charge remaining. This value must be in the range 0 to 100, or BATTERY_PERCENTAGE_UNKNOWN.
Number of seconds of backup battery life remaining, or BATTERY_LIFE_UNKNOWN if remaining seconds are unknown.
Number of seconds of backup battery life when at full charge, or BATTERY_LIFE_UNKNOWN if full battery lifetime is unknown.

Finally BatteryChemistry: 4 means that it’s a Lithium Ion battery.