Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 PlayStation phone shown on video again running 3D benchmark

The mysterious Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 PlayStation phone just popped up in a new video tonight. This time we can watch it running the Qualcomm Neocore 3D Benchmark and post a relatively low score. But don’t really pay attention to this thought. As we have already seen a previous pictures and videos the prototype device is running either Android 2.2 or Android 2.3. Unfortunately the version of Neocore being used in the video is an older version (you can see 1-9-09 the upper right corner), the current version, which is officially Froyo compatible and available in the Android Market is numbered 1-9-22 so this is probably why you are seeing such a low score. Another thing is that the it’s also being run in 480×800 landscape mode (thus not rendering the same thing) so we can’t really compare it to devices running in regular portrait mode. anyway,check out the video after the break.

Here’s the score of the HTC Desire HD (which probably has the sams MSM8255 SoC as the Zeus) and Samsung Galaxy S:

via engadget