Windows Phone 7 updates…

It starting to look like Windows Phone 7 updates rumors are getting a bit overblown lately. From what I know the first update should be pushed out to devices around MWC in February. This update will obviously include copy and paste, bug fixes and a couple of new features and new APIs accessible to developers. I have never heard of any second update announcement or any thing happening at CES. Anyway, the Winrumors post kinda looks like a rehash of last night’s Business Insider post (probably the same source?) with a “second update” flavor sprinkled on top of it. Grab some salt just in case. Just to be clear: there’s only one update being released in Q1 2011 AFAIK.

HTC aims to ship 60 Million handsets in 2011

HTC apparently has big plans for 2011 according to sources close to the company. We already know that the samrtphone’s market growth is exponential and that many companies are expecting to ride this wave to succes (remember Microsoft’s early 30 Million windows Phone 7 sales forecast for 2011).HTC has supposedly informed its suppliers that it will need parts for 60 Million handsets in 2011 (compared to 20 Million in 2010):

HTC executives revealed its roadmap for 2011 while the company was holding a summit with more than 200 executives from over 100 suppliers of handset parts and components recently in Taipei, the sources indicated.

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Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 PlayStation phone shown on video again running 3D benchmark

The mysterious Sony Ericsson Zeus Z1 PlayStation phone just popped up in a new video tonight. This time we can watch it running the Qualcomm Neocore 3D Benchmark and post a relatively low score. But don’t really pay attention to this thought. As we have already seen a previous pictures and videos the prototype device is running either Android 2.2 or Android 2.3. Unfortunately the version of Neocore being used in the video is an older version (you can see 1-9-09 the upper right corner), the current version, which is officially Froyo compatible and available in the Android Market is numbered 1-9-22 so this is probably why you are seeing such a low score. Another thing is that the it’s also being run in 480×800 landscape mode (thus not rendering the same thing) so we can’t really compare it to devices running in regular portrait mode. anyway,check out the video after the break.
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