Windows Phone 7 developers payouts starting in January 2011

Microsoft has just announced that the first Windows Phone 7 developer payout will be made the last week of January, a little bit earlier than the previously announced February date. It’s good to see that Microsoft is probably listening to developer complaints and changing things accordingly. Microsoft has also recently enabled applications analytics reportsin the AppHub ahead of the previsouly announced January date. Here’s the full statement:

Developer Payouts Begin in January 2011

We are pleased to announce that developer payouts for Windows Phone Marketplace are coming soon! The first payout will be made during the last week of January 2011, and will include all Windows Phone 7 app and game sales between October 2010 launch and the end of December.

After January 2011, Windows Phone Marketplace developer payouts will be processed on a monthly basis and will be an aggregate of all Marketplace app and game sales (including sales of Windows Phone 6.x apps and games).

Please note that payouts will be processed based on the following criteria:
Sales that Microsoft was able to collect (from the billed consumer)
Developers whose payout total is above the threshold of $200 (USD)

Unfortunately some developers won’t be able to receive their money yet because of some weird delay wit the IRS form (for example, I’ve sent mine more than 3 months ago and the Dashboard still says that it has been received or processed yet..).