Microsoft allows developers to include advertising in their Windows Phone 7 XNA games

Just a few hours ago I was wondering on Twitter when Microsoft will allow non US residents to use the PubCenter ad control in their Windows Phone 7 applications (just like regular PubCenter for websites, the service is only availalbe to US Residents). Unforturnitely there’s still nothing new on this front but Microsoft has just announced an update to the Windows Phone 7 Advertising SDK that allows US develepers to included text based or image ads in their XNA applications / Games:

Today, Microsoft Advertising is excited to release an update to the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows Phone 7 that allows ad-enabled mobile gaming applications. The announcement makes it easy for mobile gaming developers to integrate banner or text ads into their Windows Phone 7 gaming apps via the XNA Framework while leveraging game-specific features like 3D graphics support, multiple graphic blend modes, built-in game loop and much more.

In app advertising is really a great way to monetise simpleapplication or even games as seen with the success of  Angry Birds on iPhone and Android.

source: Microsoft