Applications reports and analytics finally available to Windows Phone 7 developers

Microsoft is finally providing application reports, analytics and payout details in Windows Phone 7 Marketplace developer Dashboard. Ever since Windows Phone 7 launched in early October, developers who submitted applications had no easy way to know how many times there application was downloaded (or bought) and had to find other ways to get this information (for example looking at server logs and guesstimating application usage if their app connects to their server etc..). Anyway, this is now history and Microsoft finally stepped up and “fixed” this. Just beware that the first payments won’t be made before February 2011.

  • JJ Murphy

    It’s odd. Almost like MS is actually listening to people this time around instead of having their head stuck up their ass. Now if they just don’t blow it with the WHS update, and Windows 8 starts moving towards a more “metro” ui, they are in a great position.