Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 officially confirmed again. Already 12 millions payed downloads

Mikael Hed,founder of Rovio mobile, has once again confirmed that Angry Birds is currently being developed for Windows Phone 7 during the Le Web conference today in Paris. The game has been bought more than 12 million times (!) and has been downloaded (free version with ads) more than 30 Million times (!!). Crazy numbers right? That’s why having this game on Windows Phone 7 can only be a good thing for PR and marketing. Here’s the short transcript about the WP7 version:

We’re actively looking at WP7, we have a very good relationship with Microsoft so no harm done on that (talking about the PR cock-up). They just announced our game for the platform a bit ahead of schedule.

Checkout the full interview in video after the break:

via Ustream