Users can only install 15 Push notification enabled applications on Windows Phone 7

Well, this is something I wasn’t aware off: A user can only install a maximum of 15 applications that use Push Notifications on their Windows Phone 7 devices. If a 16th Push enabled application is installed the devices will display an InvalidOperationException(Channel quota exceeded) error message (to be clear, you can install as many push enabled apps as you want but only 15 of them can have push notifications enabled).  As of right now there aren’t many Push enabled apps in the Marketplace but this may become an issue in the near future. What’s really annoying thought is that this isn’t documented anywhere and I franky don’t know how Microsoft is expecteing end users to be aware of this limitation. As I said in the Android 2.3 post; Microsoft has a solid base with Windows Phone 7 but clearly still has a lot of work to do.

UPDATE: Microsoft Jaim Rodriguez has just posted about this subject a few minutes ago.

Here are a few details you might care to know, so you can plan your app and be a good citizen:
•Yes, the limit is fifteen third party applications can be concurrently subscribed to receive push notifications (whether that is a live tile or toast). Parsing it out, the applications that come out of the box (like outlook, people hub, etc.) will not count towards this limit. So there is no limit on 15 live tiles. You can have 20+ if you add it up (that is about 2.5 screens worth of tiles on star menu)
•An application is only counted if it has push notification or tiles push enabled and is subscribed to a channel. If you install an application but you do not enable push, it would not count towards the limit.
•You should not have to go uninstall an application in order to free a slot. If an application is coded well, it should be prompting users and giving them the option on whether they want to use push notifications and/or live tiles (since there is potential bandwidth charges from the operator when these are pushed). if the user never agrees or it unchecks the box to subscribe, the application should free the channel; there fore uninstall should not be required.
•Applications that use just scheduled tiles updates do not count towards the limit. If that is all you need be a good citizen and
•If an application subscribes for tile updates, and is never pinned it unfortunately does count. Again, we count the channels.

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