Microsoft triggers the kill-Switch and remotely re-locks ChevronWP7 unlocked devices OTA ?

Oh man, I guess that some folks better apologize to me (especially those who sent me hate mails insulting me) because they didn’t agree with me when I said that Microsoft could possibly remotely pull the plug on the ChevronWP7 unlocker certificate… because this is what just apparently happened according to several reports on XDA. The  Windows Phone 7 phones that have been unlocked using ChevronWP7 have now been remotely re-locked by MS:

yeah, the sane thing happened to me.

When i clicked the program on my phone. I got a message from MS asking me to uninstall, because the program has been revoked.

same here, tried to start TA maps and MS forced me to uninstall it.

Connected the phone and ran ChevronWP: it’s locked again!

maybe MS pulled the kill switch an re-locked the phones?
yup , I got the same to ,you can unlock it again and then it is working again

This is still not 100% confirmed but some people are apparently able to re-unlock their device but it will probably be re-locked pretty soon by Microsoft anyway.

Update: It’s actually starting to look like this is a server side thing where the MS Servers check the validity of the certificate every once in a while and then automatically re-locks the phone if it is expired or not recognized as a valid certificate. The fact that you can re-unlock the phone afterward means that the ChevronWP7 certificate has not been revoked yet by Microsoft.

Upadte 2: Here’s Rafaels’ description of what supposedly happened

Update 3: A couple of users are now reporting that the phones are being re-locked again and some are also unable to unlock them…

via XDA-Devs

  • Rafael R.

    I’m preparing to clarify this situation on the ChevronWP7 blog. Might want to hold onto that “I told you so”.