No Pandora for Windows Phone 7 application planned

This is another blow to the Windows Phone 7 platform; After Skype, SPB software and a couple of other software developers it’s now Pandora’s turn to “announce” via Twitter that there won’t be any Pandora Windows Phone 7 application seeing the light of the day anytime soon, even-tough it was initially announced as one of the launch appliations back in March.

Thankfully for Microsoft there’s still Spotify but we haven’t heard anything about the WP7 version ever since it was announced more than two months ago. Yup, I think that I’m right when I constantly say that Microsoft sucks at marketing

UPDATE: Here’s a more recent tweet thanks to andyb in the comments below:


source: twitter via pocketnow

  • Kloc

    The have Slacker Radio it’s basically the same thing so no biggy if Pandora doesn’t want to jump on board.

  • andyB

    A more recent post states “@LBugnion Hey Lurent, I should have been clearer with Dave. Didn’t mean to sound like we’ll never be on #Win7. I’m not aware of the if/when.”

  • MobileTechWorld

    True and there’s also the Zune Pass etc.. But Microsoft’s WP7′s marketing is just abyssal lately. Why announce something that never existed (kinda similar to the Angry Birds mess but this time Pandora was really officially mentioned in press releases and keynotes). And where’s the Spotify app too? Anyway just look at Kinect…this is how marketing is done…

  • JJ Murphy

    Easy enough to vote with the dollar. If Pandora wants to come late to the party, their loss of a year subscription.

  • Gest3

    As much as I would like to complain, what’s the big deal? I barely use Pandora for my Android. There’s FM radio stations (plenty), and Yahoo music, or my own music collection. Microsoft can easily promote the music channels that are available. My problem is with distribution. A year ago, we barely heard of Android. Now, it is common. WP7 can do the same if it isn’t slow with updates and increasing the number of carriers. WP7 is very late to the party. Can there be room for the 3rd great thing? Google is Microsoft’s real competition, not Apple.

  • BucksterMcgee

    My guess is that either Pandora is working on an app (or more likely Microsoft is working with Pandora) but it’s being designed for when 3rd party multitasking is updated, or all the talk about “this is where your Pandora app would go” is a generalization for simiplifying explanation. By saying “Pandora”, aka a widely recognized app that most people know by name, as opposed to saying some app that no one has heard of, they don’t have to first explain what that unkown app is in order for us all to be on the same page. I expect that when they were in the early stages of developing the platform they talked to Pandora, and this was at least some agreement that a Pandora app would be created, but neither can dicuss when it will be released because that release date will be when the multitasking update will be coming.

    I guess that all sounds a bit conspiracy theory-ish, but even as tight lipped Microsoft has been, they have let it be known that A) this first release was only what they thought they could get out for launch, B) that they have a lot planned, and know they need to update as soon as the can, C) have been working on the next updates even while finishing the first release, which was completed back in august I believe. This all suggests that the next update will be bigger than just copy/paste, and is probably more in line with what the Chevon dev said, that Microsoft “did more in 3 months, than Apple did in 3 years”, even if Microsoft doesn’t want to promise it before it’s ready too.

    I truly hope that the next update is that huge update, instead of just copy paste, because if Microsoft really expects they can just release one fix at a time, then they will be in trouble, and hell I’m completely in love with the platform. : / Oh, and yeah it would be nice to have Pandora too….. oh wait, nope Zune pass is far better even with the price, oh well.

  • Anonymous

    “I think that I’m right when I constantly say that Microsoft sucks at marketing” …Yeah, Windows 7 is the best selling OS of all time. And considering how much Vista sucked, this says a lot. Anyone who knows anything about OS tech, even penguin lovers, will tell you Win7 is nice. The minimum footprint is 25MB, and almost everything (down to networking) is hardware accelerated…omg, the list is too much. But my point is that Microsoft doesn’t suck at marketing. They’re not great at it, but they certainly don’t suck. This guy is just a stupid hater.

    And what he said is BS. Checkout SPB’s own website. They already are SELLING a Windows Phone 7 app.

    The real story here is that companies who previously announced they would not produce WP7 apps are changing their minds.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t it be great if Microsoft just added Pandora functionality to Zune? I mean, Pandora’s UI skills suck. I don’t want to use their ugly apps unless I have to.

  • Anonymous

    Good point, my WP7 comes with Internet and FM radio. But I would still like MSFT to add Pandora functionality to Zune. My local stations play too many ads.

    And don’t worry about Microsoft. WP7 is already great, and improving. And 97% of the people who get one want to keep it. I know I wouldn’t switch back to Android or iPhone. So maybe it takes time, who cares.