Copy and Paste now available on Windows Phone 7 developers handsets

Microsoft has pushed out an update to Windows Phone 7 which includes the missing copy and paste feature (the OS version is now 7.0.7338.0). Unfortunately this update is only available to Windows Phone 7 developer handset (Samsung Taylor or LG GW910).  Here’s a brief description of the feature:

“A user can tap a word in mail, IE, Word, etc and that word is then highlighted with arrows on both sides. One can then drag to the left or right to include more words. An icon appears above the highlighted word(s) (looks very similar to the copy icon in Office 2010) to copy. Open a new document, once the cursor is set/blinking and the soft keyboard appears, a paste icon (again, looks the same as the paste icon in Office 2010) is shown just above the top row of letters. In “Messaging”, a user can long press a specific IM which open up the hidden menu that now includes copy. Paste where you wish…”

The official update should be out to end user around MWC in February.

via Twitter &  Pocketnow

  • MOster

    Now all we need is for someone to hack the bootloader so we can flash it ourselves.