Samsung Galaxy S vs Samsung Omnia 7 vs HTC 7 Trophy Camera comparison

Here’s a three-way comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Omnia 7 and HTC 7 Trophy cameras. It’s snowing outside so I thought that this would be a really great opportunity to test the camera’s video quality (falling snow = more details to encode = worst outdoors situation possible for a digital sensor = awesome benchmark). Anyway hit the break to first check out a video comparing the Omnia 7 vs the Trophy:

There’s no contest here: The Samsung Omnia 7 trashes the HTC 7 Trophy

Here you will notice that the Samsung Galaxy S is the best thanks to its higher encoding bit-rate (12Mbps compared to 6Mbps on the WP7 devices) and the 30fps (24fps on WP7). But the Samsung didn’t setup the Omnia 7′s camera the right way. As you can see the video looks choppier but this isn’t a frame-rate issue (it’s locked at 24fps) but a shutter speed problem. For some weird reason the Omnia 7 is shooting at a super high shutter speed in daylight and this results in less motion blur (you can clearly distinguish the snowflakes) so the video doesn’t look super smooth.Hopefully Samsung will correct that in an upcoming update. The HTC 7 Trophy also suffers from heavy shutter roll.

Here are 3 pictures I took at the same time:

The Omnia 7 comes out on top followed by the Galaxy S and the HTC 7 Trophy.

You can also check out some nice Omnia 7 video samples here or hit one of the related links below.

  • Viruela22

    good would be a draw for some of these beasts of phone, a hug

  • Brian Washington

    HTC has some work to do on their cameras or at least the camera settings. You can see a pink hue in the Trophy video similar to the problems seen on the HD2 & HD7.

  • ? ? chi×tammykan._//

    seriously. my htc surround has that pink spot too. its only there when theres not enough light tho. but it gets a little annoying….

  • nicko

    one thing that is crap about WP7 (well the Omnia 7 at least, I’m unsure if this occurs on other handsets), is that camera settings are NEVER stored. EVERY TIME you take a photo you have to turn sharpness to maximum and anti shaking to on to get any kind of decent photos, also the flash is blindingly bright and tends to ruin photos, yet another thing that needs to be adjusted before taking a decent photo….. this means there are 3 settings that pretty much need to be changed that eliminate the possibility of taking a quick photo that is of any decent quality. I almost regret purchasing this handset for this reason as well as the fact that there is no hidden Micro SD card like the HTCs and the Samsung Focus, I was hoping to be able to rip the phone open and swap it for something respectable, however on research it is apparent they opted for NAND memory instead….. jerks! :(