HTC 7 Trophy Hardware Tour

Here’s my HTC 7 Trophy hardware tour video that I’ve just shot today. It will give you a quick look at how the build quality looks like etc. Unfortunately while shooting the video I noticed that the device suffered from the same badly assembled glass (which results in weird air bubbles below it). This was apparently the case since the beginning but I only noticed it right now (I’ve had the phone for more that 6 days now). The bubbles don’t have any effect on the devices performance or usability (they are totally invisible when the screen is on but this kinda sucks hard especially after I discovered that the device had a regular TFT-LCD Panel instead of the SLCD. Anyway, check out the video after the break and a couple of photos of the device. The software tour can be watched here:

  • Diego!

    This unit doesn’t look too good… :(

    Maybe HTC should send a well built, SLCD cellphone if they want to get a great review :)

  • Guest

    how can you tell if it is TFT-LCD or SLCD?