T-Mobile's HTC HD7 lacks multi-lingual keyboard support

T-Mobile has apparently decided to only include English keyboard support in the HTC HD7 for no apparent reason according to users who have contacted HTC. This is just totally stupid. Given that Microsoft has a tight control over what is supposed to be in the OS and the whole user experience they should, in my opinion, force carriers ( T-Mobile in this case) to include the same multi-langual pack as everybody else.Frankly I didn’t even know that OEMs or carriers could do that.

HTC’s support answer:

“If your Windows Phone 7 does not contain a display language that you would like to use, there is currently no way to get a new language pack installed on the phone. Microsoft makes language packs available (as they’re created) to the device manufacturers (OEMs) at the time of manufacturing and it is up to the device manufacturer and mobile operator to decide which languages to include. In this case, it was T-Mobile’s decision to only include English.”

As per the current Windows Phone 7 the phone should natively support 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish

source: T-Mobile forums thanks to everybody who sent this in