The HTC Thunderbolt won’t have a Dual core MSM8960 Chipset

Some funky HTC Thunderbolt specifications have just pooed up on a German HTC fansite claiming tat the device will pack the newly announced MSM8960 dual-core chipset from Qualcomm. This is practically impossible given that according to Qualcomm this new 28nm chipset, which is a brand new architecture with an Adreno 220 GPU (or Adreno 300 if we are lucky), is only scheduled to start sampling in early 2011 which means that it won’t available in devices before the end of 2011 at the earliest. The device will most probably feature an MSM8x55 coupled with MDM9600 LTE multimode modem..well unless Verizon isn’t planning to ship it until next fall…

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Samsung Omnia 7 leading the Windows Phone 7 pack in France ?

According to french website who allows its users to customize its web page to better fit their smartphone preferences the Samsung Omnia 7 is clearly the win french hearts in front of the HTC Mozart and LG Optimus 7. This obviously doesn’t mean much given that the sample was fairly small (only 1268 readers) and the fact that this obviously doesn’t reflect sales but probably only peoples interest in a particular device. But given that Microsoft and its OEMs don’t seem to be bothered to detail any sales numbers we are probably going to see similar stats popping up everywhere (other stats recently showed that HTC’s WP7 devices where the most popular because of the number of models).

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro 2 shows up in the wild?

Another unannounced Android smartphone from Sony Ericsson just showed up in live pictures today on a chinese message board. The device is said to be running Android 2.4 (?), has an tiny 3″ HVGA screen, a 1GHZ CPU with an Adreno 205 GPU….hold on a second.. this doesn’t make much sense right? If it’s indeed a 1Ghz Qualcomm chipset with an Adreno 205 then it can only be an MSM8255 but there’s no way that SE will pack such a chipset into a low-end device which only has HVGA screen. The other possibility is the mid-range MSM7230 (used in the T-Mobile G2, HTC Desire Z) but it doesn’t add up either because it’s only clocked at 800Mhz so the specs mentioned in the post seem fishy at best. The Neocore score is also on the lower end of the spectrum…

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Revolution for Windows Phone 7 hands on video

Here’s a short video of the newly release Revolution for Windows Phone 7, which is the second Xbox Live enabled game released today (the first one being Rise Of Glory which you can see in action here). This isa cogs-based puzzle game composed of 75 levels and packed with achievements. As you will see in the video the only major issue is the lag which can be a bit distracting. The same issue is also present in the Halo Waypoint application released a couple of weeks ago (both are apparently using Silverlight..). Anyway, check it out after the break and then grab the trial version from the Marketplace (full game is $2.99):

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Rise Of Glory for Windows Phone 7 hands on video

Microsoft has just released two new Xbox Live enabled games today: Rise Of Glory and Revolution (both will set you back $2.99). I’ve just shot a video of Rise Of Glory running on the Samsung Omnia 7 to show you what the game is all about. As you will see this is a World War One flight shooter which definitely isn’t the best looking mobile game around  but the controls are framerate are really good ( but I kinda hoped that it was going to be a port of Skies of Glory on the iPhone which is the same game set in WWII). But there are some nice graphical touches like the specular highlight effect on the plane to simulated the sun’s reflection and also the fake bullet holes that appear the screen when you are being shot at. All in all the game is fairly good but could be even better if real-time multilayer gaming was possible on Windows Phone 7 (multiplayer dog fights similar to Crimson Sky…..). Check it out after the break:

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Verizon HTC Thunderbolt live pictures

The HTC Thunderbolt is back again today and this time it’s the real thing thing. We finally have some pictures of the full device which definitely looks like mix-match between the HTC EVO 4G and HTC Desire HD. I’m not really fond of HTC’s designs lately but I guess that this doesn’t matter much if the hardware and software is up to the task. Anyway, check out Verizon’s first LTE Android device after the break:

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HTC Thunderbolt teased again on HTC’s website

HTC is once again teasing us with the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt LTE Android smartphone that is going to be announced on Verizon on January 6th during CES. The page’s url also confirms that the devices name is Thunderbolt (well unless it’s the official codename..) and you can sign-up to be notified with information about the 4G device as soon as the announcement takes places next week.

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Use Bing’s daily image as your Windows Phone 7 lock screen wallpaper

Can get enough of Bing‘s beautiful wallpaper backgrounds that change everyday? You can now easily download them to your Windows Phone 7 device in WVGA and set them as your lock screen wallpaper. The free Bing2wall application lest your grab the latest 6 images and save them on your phone. You then have to go to your pictures hub and manually set the one you choose as your wallpaper. The only thing missing is international support ( because other countries around don’t have the same images on the same day and the Bing2wall app only grabs the US feed) Update:there’s some international support in there! The app requests the images based on the OS’s regional settings which means that if you are set to US it will grab the US feed, if set to Germany  it will show the German Bing images etc..It would definitely be more convenient to have this option directly in the app thought.. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft added a similar (but automatic) option to Windows Phone 7 in a future update. It would definitely be nice to have the lock-screen automatically change every-day without having to do anything. You can grab it here.

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Hands On video of the upcoming Android Music Player application

The stock Android Music Player application that was briefly shown during Google I/O back in May has just been leaked to the Internet a few hours ago so I decided to shoot a quick hands-on video to show you how it looks like. First you should remember that this is no final code at all and the many features are broken or seem to be missing (especially the wireless syncing/streaming features). I’m guessing that the application was developed by the Cooliris guys who also did the stock Picture gallery application for Google more than a year ago. So I don’t really see how people are claiming that this is how the Android 3.0 / Honeycomb UI may look like… Anyway check out the video of the app running on the Samsung Galaxy S after the break (I also quickly compared it to WP7′s Zune player on the Omnia 7):

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Microsoft is looking to improve Windows Phone 7 cloud services, applications analytics, 3D graphics and public relations

This week’s going to be relatively slow with regards to technology news so I decided to take a quick look at Microsoft’s career website to see if there was anything of interest related to Windows Phone 7. Thankfully for us there are some interesting nuggets in there right now:

The Windows Phone Services team is apparently seeking to improve WP7′s cloud infrastrucutre by building new services using Windows Azure ans SQL Azure:

The Windows Phone Services (WPS) organization is responsible for building highly scalable and innovative cloud services that support the Windows Phone. The Platform and Core Services (PCS) team within WPS is responsible for the core infrastructure and services that build a framework for all WPS teams to layer upon. PCS will be taking advantage of Windows Azure and other internal services and tools to bring a platform that allows quick time to market, and flexible scale.

The PCS Engineering Tools and Services team is looking for a Senior Program Manager to drive the management of services and related engineering tools that will be part of a common framework for WPS. These services and tools are related to areas such as Live ID, and certificate management for the devices, and the developer pipeline for services. These services must run under the new PCS Azure framework and must be enhanced for the next Windows Phone OS. This role will require strong technical skills, and ability to communicate and collaborate with our partner teams within WPS and the Windows Phone team.

Come join an organization that knows how to build compelling and cost effective cloud services for mobile devices!

Do you want to play a critical role in a team that will enable Senior Leadership to make business decisions that’ll shape the future of Windows Phone? Are you passionate about working with raw data and transforming it into intelligent information? Are you interested in building a V1 infrastructure on top of Windows and SQL Azure? Come work with the Platform and Core services (PCS) team in the Windows Phone Services (WPS) division.

PCS team is charted to deliver a Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform for all of Windows Phone Services. This platform will drive all Data-warehousing and Business Intelligence needs of current & future services under WPS including Location, Notification, and Windows Live phone services.

Microsoft is also looking to improve the recently launched marketplace analytics tools for third-party developers:

We need a strong developer who develop the services to work with developers to advance our analysis of applications published to AppHub>. You will design and implement high performance tools and services that can process variety of Windows Phone applications. You will apply latest managed code and security scanning algorithms as well as advanced machine learning techniques to reduce the latency for application certifications.

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GSM HTC 7 Pro launching in Europe in January

Still waiting for a Windows Phone 7 device with a horizontally sliding hardware keyboard? Well if you are in Europe then you have no other choice than wait until next months when the GSM version of the HTC 7 Pro is supposedly launching (the LG Quatum / Optimus 7 Q is scheduled to launch EU yet). O2 Germany has already posted its product page with an availability date of January. In my opinion Windows Phone 7 still has a long way to go before being fully usable in landscape mode (I will talk more about this in my upcoming in-depth review of WP7). Check out the device’s hardware specifications here.

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Dell Venue Pro shipping with 256MB of RAM instead of 512MB

Courtesy of Razorfold

Poor Dell Venue Pro just can’t seem to get a break these days….After all the hardware and software issues and massive delays here comes another annoying problem: Dell is actually shipping devices with half of the previously announced RAM! If you check out my Windows Phone 7 hardware specification chart you will see that the Dell Venue Pro is supposed to have 512MB of RAM and not 256MB as it is currently the case on the phones that have been received by the users. Here’s also the official specs from Microsoft (because Dell no longer details the full hardware specification of the device on their own website):

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Samsung Focus teardown

TechRepublic cracked the Samsung Focus open to check out its guts and see if there was anything of interest in there. As it was expected the device feature the famous Qualcomm QSD8250 SnapDragon Chipset and the following components (not that the Omnia 7 probably has exactly the same components):

- NEC MC-10170 imaging chip for the 5mpix camera (same as on the Samsung Galaxy S)
- Qualcomm PM7540 power management IC
- Micron OUA98 JW500 TQND
- SiliconBlue Technologies iCE65L04 Ultra Low-Power FPGA
- Avago Technolgies ACPM-5251, 4×5 UMTS Band I & Band V Dual-Band Power Amplifier Module with Integrated Coupler
- Skyworks SKY77336 Power Amplifier Module
- Fairchild Semiconductor FSA9280A USB 2.0 Accessory Detection Switch w/ 28V FET
- SanDisk SDIN4C2-8G 8GB NAND flash RAM
- Qualcomm RTR6285 UMTS/GSM/EDGE cellular transceiver
- This Samsung SWB-B23 Bluetooth IC (same ason the Galaxy S)
- Texas Instruments TPS65023B 6-channel Power Management IC
- Avago AFI037 1512BB
- Atmel MaXtouch mXT224 224-node touchscreen microcontroller (same as on the Galaxy S and the latest HTC smartphones like the EVO 4G, HD7, Incredible, Desire HD etc..)

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ShopSavvy for Windows Phone 7 released but without live scanning

After initially being developed for Windows Mobile 6.5 and never seeing the light of the day the guys at Big in Japan decided to jump into the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon and port their application over to the new OS. It is now finally out in the Marketplace but unfortunately an important feature had to be cut out: Live Scanning. Here’s how it went down according to the developers:

After much wrangling and negotiating with Microsoft they have decided to release our app WITHOUT live scanning for the time being. They have their own ‘tag’ app that uses live scanning and I think they want to give it a headstart before allowing ShopSavvy to go full-on live. Anyway, the app looks pretty cool (full on metro styling) and will give you the same results that the iPhone and Android versions provide. It is definitely a 1.0 version – i.e. not 4.0 (like iPhone and soon Android), but it is a good start. You can download it now from the Marketplace.

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Windows Phone 7 launches in Thailand with localized language support courtesy of HTC

Microsoft has launched Windows Phone 7 yesterday in Thailand along side HTC who is shipping the HTC HD7 on the Dtac network. According to the Bangkok Post the devices were immediately sold out but lets not put too much emphasis on this claim given that no numbers were provided (It’s relatively easy to say that something has sold out if only a small number of devices were originally in stock.). Anyway, the most interesting part of this story is that HTC has build a special application that enables users to type in Thai. The QuickPost can be download via the HTC hub and has the following features:

Thailand language can be printed via the QuickPost App which can be downloaded through the Hub, HTC consists of:
1. to send the SMS ThaiSMS as Thailand
2. to send the Email ThaiEmailSender as Thailand
3. ThaiSearch language to type into a Web Browser Thailand
4. ThaiTweet for printing text to Twitter
5. Thai Post for Facebook status Update on Facebook in Thailand
6. Thai FourSquare can Shout to the Thailand Foursquare.

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HTC launching HTC Thunderbolt LTE Android phone on January 6

According to HTC’s mobile website (see the screenshot above) the company is scheduled to launch the first LTE / 4G device at CES on January 6. Rumor are pointing to the Android powered  HTC Thunderbolt coming to Verizon which was the “victim” of what looked like a controlled leak orchestrated by HTC yesterday.Check out some pictures of the device after the break.

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Super nice IGN application for Windows Phone 7 released

Want to try out an nicely coded Windows Phone 7 application that doesn’t lag or takes ages to lad content? Just install the recently released IGN application developed by Kevin Marshall from Clarity Consulting. This is how a WP7 applications should always be, smooth and nicely integrated in the phone’s UI (and it also runs under lock screen). It’s nice to see good performing more great performing applications appearing on Windows Phone 7 lately (yes yes don’t worry I’m still working on mine…). An other impressive one is the Deezer music streaming app that I showed you last week.

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Microsoft working on Windows Phone 7 tethering with OEMs ?

I just came across an interesting sentence at the bottom of the Windows Phone 7 and Exchange Server_FINAL_122010.pdf in relation to the Exchange ActiveSync BlockInternetSharing policy (pictured above):

** Press articles may have indicated that Internet sharing can be enabled on some Windows Phone 7 phones
by activating diagnostics tools included by the manufacturer of the device. This policy does not have control
over the device firmware and Microsoft is working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to correct
any inconsistencies.

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Pocket God For Windows Phone 7 hands on video

Back again for another Windows Phone 7 video tonight. This time I’m going to show you the just released Pocket God game for Windows Phone 7. In Pocket God the player takes the role of a almighty God who’s only purpose is to kill some cute little pygmies. That’s right folks, there nothing else to do other than kill or hurt the little characters in the game. It can get really boring and annoying after while that’s why it’s a episodic micro-game which means that more episodes will be released in the future (just like on the iPhone iOS version) that will bring new locations, characters, new ways to kill and also mini-games. The game is Xbox Live enabled so it’s packed full of achievements. Check the video after the break:

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