Acer working on Window Phone 7 devices

It has long been known that Acer would one day come out with a Windows Phone 7 device but unfortunately nothing has materialized since the initial announcement back in February. Even before Windows Phone 7 was unveiled Acer was working on being a launch partner but given their recent focus on Android (and Microsoft’s switch from Windows Mobile 7 / Photon to Windows Phone 7) the company kept us in the shadows regarding their plans in the smartphone market. Today’s interview with Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci sheds some light on the company’s mobile future and their upcoming Windows Phone 7 products:

Q: In particular, at least in America, I’m not sure Acer means something in phones. Do you plan to change that?

A: We started with smartphones and we mainly focused on Europe. But we started also with some U.S. operators and we started working with some Chinese operators. Smartphones–we want them to become big. Today we are mainly Android, but we are also working on Windows Phone 7

Q: You guys had done Windows Mobile devices in your first batch of phones?

A: At the beginning we were mainly Windows Mobile devices, yes.

Q: What prompted you guys at first to shift most of your energy to Android and then what is bringing you back to consider Windows Phone 7?

A: We saw a lot of limitations on Windows Phone a couple of years ago and we moved to Android because of user experience, and even the possibility to be a little more creative from a content offering and so forth is better than on the Windows phone. If we look at Windows Phone 7, today, I think we see the same opportunity you can see on Android in terms of customization.

source: allthingsd