When will Microsoft release official Windows Phone 7 sales numbers ?

Everybody’s been waiting for official Windows Phone 7 sales numbers now that handsets have been on sale for more than a month in Europe and 3 weeks in the US. Unfortunately Microsoft isn’t releasing anything yet which in turn fuels all kinds of doom and gloom speculations all over the internet. One thing is for sure: If Windows Phone 7 broke any sales record Microsoft would have issued a press release (just like they did with the Kinect). So, is it a flop ? Frankly I don’t think so. Like I said many times since the European launch; It was nearly impossible to buy a WP7 devices because of the lack of devices on sale. OEMs and Carriers (especially Europeans ones) apparently totally messed up the launch. LG was the only one ready with loads of Optimus 7 devices out of the gate followed by Samsung who is currently having a hard time pumping out Super-AMOLED screens for all of its high-end devices and finally HTC, who,in my opinion, didn’t have the backbone to actually launch 6 devices in one month (Desire Z, Desire HD, Trophy, Mozart, HD7). Retail channels only started selling devices in the second week of November (before that all the stock was allocated to carriers). The US also apparently suffered from relative a lack of handsets (let’s not talk about the disastrous Dell Venue Pro “launch“…). Oh and the marketing just sucks…IMO. 

In my opinion, everybody should just chill a bit about this and wait for Microsoft’s official word on the matter before claiming thatthe platform is DOA. Windows Phone 7 was never expected to sell like hot cakes but thankfully word of mouth is really good. Once devices are fully back in stock and with the holiday shopping season underway we should expect a steady growth of WP7 users before the beginning of next year. People should forget about Microsoft’s past mobile offerings (Windows Mobile) and see Windows Phone 7 as a totally new product starting from zero. Once you have this in mind you will realize that this is going to be a long road and that a brand new platform doesn’t skyrocket to the top in just 4 weeks. Comparing it to Android’s current sales numbers is toatly ridiculous.

  • http://twitter.com/DDsD David Olsen

    Handset sales in Australia have been.. competent but not stellar, LG was the only one with supply like Europe, HTC’s Mozart trickled in and is quite popular and the Trophy is non existent. (The HD7 is scheduled for a Jan release). The Samsung has been in *very* tight supply, with people waiting 2 weeks to receive their handsets on Optus.

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    Thanks fr the info David!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9332899 JJ Murphy

    So how does one quantify success? That’s the real question. Imo, WP7 is just the test bed for the tablet onslaught starting at CES 2010. I expect that early January WCE 7 will be RTM, and we will see the Metro UI everywhere.

  • http://www.mobiletechworld.com MobileTechWorld

    “So how does one quantify success?”

    Yup that’s a good question. Is it 10Million sold in a year, 20 Million? I don’t think that even Microsoft really knows this given the current dynamics of the smartphone market. The fact is that the launch wasn’t handled right IMO. Microsoft and its partners really messed things up but this doesn’t mean that Microsoft isn’t capable of doing great marketing because as it was proved again today (The announcement that 2.5M Kinects have been sold in 25 days). It just totally defies logic that one part of the company seems to know its job (the Xbox division) and the other seems to be run by a bunch of hobos (windows phone). The current issues faced by WP7 developers is crazy IMO (badly secured Marketplace, developers no getting payed for their applications sales, no analytics for the applications). Windows Phone 7 is, IMO, a really really great product but it def looks like MS has to rush it out before the holidays season.

  • http://twitter.com/DaQuantumFro DaMarico Fowler

    It kind of shows the limits in the OEM partnership; Microsoft can’t force them to have a certain number of phones ready, and there fighting Android momentum. Sometimes it seems WP is an afterthought because the phone makers can’t heavily alter the UI.

  • bob

    And African countries are always an afterthought (and apart from the iPhone, have no access to paid app market places), even though Africa has a huge mobile base and very good mobile networks. Nokia and BlackBerry are cleaning up here.