HTC HD7 Antenna Deathgrip: Don't hold your HTC HD7 the wrong way

Here’s a relatively interesting video of the deathgrip antenna effect on the HTC HD7. It’s a well known fact that many handsets behave this way (no to the extend of the iPhone 4 thought) but I really find it strange (and interesting) that handling the HD7 like that would have such and adverse effect on the device’s cellular reception. I just tried to reproduce the same thing on the HTC HD2 and nothing happens, same on the LG Optimus 7, HTC 7 Trophy and Samsung Omnia 7 & Galaxy S. Could this be only happening on the T-Mobile ‘s network. Any HTC HD7 owner can reproduce this?

Update: well that was quick…WPCentral was able to reproduce the problem:

thanks for the head’s up Muhammad

  • TroyGates

    Couldn’t get it to happen on mine. I’m on TMobile in So Cali.

  • Ray Layton

    I got it to happen on my HD7, I just thought my signal strength was weak in my area but sure enoug the bottom right corner seems to completely remove bars but if I set it on the desk I have 5 bars. I guess one could assume that when you talk you likely won’t cover/touch that spot but as a lefty I actually seem to be close enough to do it. Fortunately (well if there was a bright side) I mostly use speakerphone at home and in the car so the impact is small from this hw issue. My other HW issue is that sometimes when I make calls the prox sensor seems to kick in even if it’s on the desk and I can’t use the screen to hang up or anything else. I have to either get the other party to hang up or reboot the HW for that to start working again. Anyone else have that issue?

  • Steveaspirit

    loses signal just like video on mine.. telstra… i keep hanging up on people now i know why.. cheers