Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7 not coming out this year

The ongoing Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 saga just won’t end. Rovio has just tweeted that the Windows Phone 7 version of the game won’t be out this year. This in some way also confirms that they are actually working on a WP7 version so it ain’t all bad I guess. There’s already several high-quality games in the Marketplace but having a high profile mobile game like Angry Birds is always good for PR and Marketing…

source: twitter via wmpu

  • BucksterMcgee

    So understand this game is the highest downloaded game on other platforms, but from all the video’s I’ve seen of the game play it doesn’t look “that” amazing. Maybe when I actually get to play it I’ll understand how super amazing it is, but after seeing all these reports about the games, and more so the developer behind it, I get the distinct feeling it’s being way overhyped.
    With that, everytime I see a post about Rovio they come off as arrogant pricks that think they are the greatest thing in the world. This might be lack of context due to the medium of the internet, but from what I can gather Rovio seems to think because they have this one game that’s number #1 that they are some great force not to be reckoned with.
    The reality is while Angry Birds will probably be popular for a bit longer, eventually it will become old and done, and everyone will move onto the next big thing. Then unless Rovio has that next big thing, they will fade away just like what has happened over and over with every fad for all of time, or more specificially with electronics/software in the past few decades.
    Again, maybe I’m just catching the out of context responses from them and this is just a silly observation of my part, but hey even if that’s not the case, I guess they should try to ride their 15 minutes of fame for as long as they can.

  • Guest5

    I gotten pretty far with the game, a few more levels remaining. Then I’ll be done. I’m sure new users, the primary audience for WP7, will have a chance to experience it for the first time. This delay is no big deal. Besides, WP7 needs more time to build up a customer base. I would have bought it if it was available at Verizon, so I settled for Droid X. I think I’ll buy it in 2 years (after contract expires), in which WP7 would have the kinks worked out. Many people like myself want something other than iPhone or Android.

  • MobileTechWorld


    I think that Rovio is definitely pushing the right buttons to stay relevant with Angry Birds. As you have probably heard, they are releasing special versions (Halloween, Christmas etc) of the game and also porting it to the PS3, Wii, and X360. One game is obviously not going to change the fate of Microsoft’s mobile platform but as I said it can only be good for PR and Marketing.

    PS. Yeah the Rovio guys seem to be bit full of themselves…
    PS…but the game actually rocks. couldn’t stop playing it on the Galaxy S and finished it two days.