Windows Phone 7 unlocker released

I admit that I hesitate a bit before posting this given that I’m not really into promoting hacking or piracy. So there’s a small tool that was released 2 hours ago that will enable any Windows Phone 7 user to “unlock” his device and side-load any application on it. The official and legal way to do this is to register as a developer and pay $99/y. So what’s the big deal here other than having the ability to side-load (currently via Visual Studio) any application son any WP7? Well this looks like the beginning of a big mess folks. First off Microsoft, thanks to its PVK system, can detect and ban all the devices unlocked with this method (yeah re-locking it afterwards won’t help you if you Device ID is blacklisted). Secondly, couple this new unlocker with the security issue of the curent Marketplace (anyone can freely download an app directly from the marketplace by bypassing the Zune software and decompile the code even if it was obfuscated by the developer..) and we are now in piracy heaven… Anyway, it’s up to you to decide if you want to unlock your device this way at the risk of being blocked by MS (if they decide to take this route) but I won’t be surprised to see a WP7 update in the near future “fix” this potential security hole.  I’m all for tweaking your device etc (hey I actually found out how to enable USB drive mode on Window Phone 7! remember?) , but I’m still unsure about this one…The ChevronWP7 unlocker can be found here. BTW, anyone find this “strange” that this  stuff gets released now on Thanksgiving just when most of the MS employees are on holyday leave?

LCD vs Super AMOLED on the Samsung Omnia 7 vs HTC 7 Trophy and LG Optimus 7

I’ve just shot another video of color banding issue on the Samsung Omnia 7′s Super AMOLED versus the HTC 7 Trophy and LG Optimus 7. Unfortunately videos or pictures can’t really reproduce the real experience, but believe when I tell you that the HTC 7 Trophy LCD screen has some pretty good colors compared to the other two devices (btw, they where all set to high brightness). I’m not 100% sure but the Trophy’s screen seems to be a regular TFT LCD panel and not an SLCD like previously announced (we have already seen HTC shipping both, and that sucks big time IMO. Sending reviewers like me devices with inferior screens is kinda stupid too…). Anyway, check out the video after the break:

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Google Nexus S shows up in the wild with Gingerbread

Mister BlurryCam is back again with some Google Nexus S shots. So what’s really new here? Well nothing in particular. The device looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy S and the funky looking specs reported are just…..well..kinda useless (my comments in italic):

- ArmV7 CPU – Could be Dual Core
Could be? or Couldn’t be or the cake is a lie…
- Open GL ES Supported
And all other Android device supported what before? Direct3D? Glide?
- 512 or 328MB Ram (Not 100% known)
90% maybe?
- 1GB or 2GB Internal Memory (Not 100% known)
Oh lower than the minimum 8GB internal flash found on the Galaxy S devices? Strange..
- 800×480 Screen Resolution
I wouldn’t have guessed..
- 4? Screen Size
- SuperAmoled2 – Possibly
- 720P HD Video
Humm ok…that’s breaking news I guess…/s

Anyway, You can check out the blurry pictures after the break and catch a little glimpse of Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread:

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Samsung Omnia 7 vs HTC 7 Trophy vs LG Optimus 7 performance comparison

Here’s my second Window Phone 7 loading performance comparison video this time featuring the HTC 7 Trophy alongside the Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7.  The Optimus 7 was the fastest, just like in the first video, followed bythe Samsung Omnia 7 and finally the HTC 7 Trophy came out last. Nothing really amazing here and the slightly slower loading performance on the Trophy isn’t really going to mess up the whole user experience. Everything else is identical on the three phones but let me know if you want to see anything else. Video after the break:

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