Windows Phone 7 on the HTC HD2 is totally useless...surprised?

I hate to be the one but…..I told you so! So what else is left to say here? Not much I guess. Folks should just use common sense once in a while instead of getting hyped up about meaningless things. It was clear from the get go that Microsoft implemented security features into Windows Phone 7 so that what used to be something totally ordinary on Windows Mobile in the past would be nearly impossible now (hacking roms left and right…). Anyway check out the Haxors statement after the break:

But new “Windows Phone Genuine” doesn’t allow to use any Windows Live services :-( So it’s mostly “Demo” of WP7. No bypass ways are known

The new “Windows Phone Genuine” ? This security feature has been known since March (the only “new” thing is the screenshot from last week)…

source: twitter via pocketnow

  • Anonymous

    This is where Android dominate.

  • Krayknot

    android android and android.