SPB software not ready to release Windows Phone 7 applications yet

A bit more than a week ago I wonder on Twitter if anybody heard anything about SPB Software’s Windows Phone 7 support. The famous Russian mobile developer initialy announced support for the OS back in March but nothing but nothing has been heard about this subject ever since. One of my Russian followers replied to me by telling me that the company had a WP7 sessionduring a Microsoft Russia developer event back in September so I guessed that it would only be a matter of time before we see their first applications in the Marketplace. Unfortunately the company seems to be taking a “wait and see” approach according to one of their latest tweets on the subject:

@0Jmb sure thing, but step by step if we see a demand from users

Thanks for the heads up Josh

  • Anonymous

    I really hope SPB releases Diary for Windows Phone 7 and, most importantly, a means of directly syncing your Outlook data directly to the phone (USB or Bluetooth). I’m not pleased with having to put my appointments, etc. on Windows Live just to get them on my phone.

  • Andrew

    They have to be careful as this could well be a case of “the chicken and egg”…. if they don’t release some of their key apps and show that they are looking to develop the other, relevant apps, then people may not move to Windows Phone 7 or will only do so when they find an alternative — an example of this (which is where I am currently) is Spb Wallet, which is a killer by not having it (or an equivalent) for Windows Phone 7!

    I would see that some of their current Windows Mobile apps such as Traveller could sensibly become more componentised (weather, clock, conversion, traveller appointments, …) so that they the individual components can delivered at more typical “marketplace” prices.

    Also, they could take what they did with Diary and come up with a decent task manager and notes applet that can hopefully sync with Outlook (and maybe even provide the direct sync for Outlook users – that would be an absolute winner for them, given the noise about the need to use the cloud and the limitations that this introduces).