Samsung Omnia 7 Software Tour

Want to see how Windows Phone 7 performs on the Samsung Omnia 7? Well, you probably already have witnessed that’s it’s wicked fast as seen in the in the previous videos I have posted here, here and here. This one after the break is just a quick walkthrough, nothing fancy, because like I have demonstrated earlier every WP7 devices will give you with the same user experience. The main differentiator being the hardware form factor (Scree, camera) and some free apps provided by the OEM (like ScanSearch and Panorama on the LG Optimus 7). Check out that nice Super AMOLED display after the break:

Keep in mind that what you see here isn’t representative of the real thing,thanks to the PenTile Matrix who doesn’t only displays nasty color banding but also causes the moire pattern you see in the video above. Oh andsorry forthe noisy audio background (there’s a school yeard just outside the window…).

  • Diego!

    Hey M! Nice video! At first I wasn’t convinced by Samsung Omnia 7 looks, but now I’m liking it way better. It’s a very nice and snappy device.

    I saw your face at 0:35 :p

  • Romie Angelo Azur

    Hi! Nice Vid!

    is the color banding so bad in the Omnia 7??
    umm… I was thinking if you could give me an advice on which of the two phones (Omnia 7 or Optimus 7) should I buy…