Samsung Omnia 7 hardware tour

Still wondering how the Samsung Omnia 7 looks like? just check out my hardware tour video to witness one of the most beautiful smartphone ever created. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the device. I initially thought, based on the leaked shots, that it was really ugly and even after my first hands-on I didn’t find the phone to be really attractive. But after more than two weeks of use there’s no denying that the Omnia 7 just rocks. It’s light weight (138g), solid (thanks to the metallic back and has a superb Gorilla Glass screen (with oleophobic coating) on top of the 4″ Super AMOLED display. Check it out after the break:

You can find the full specifications here.

  • battl3cat

    I… want… it…

    Cant wait to have mine, then i would finally be able to put my apps in the Marketplace
    It’s crazy how difficult it is to buy unlocked phones in France, and almost everywhere in Europe

  • Kraft M

    Please explain or give us your source .
    How do you know that Gorilla Glass screen (with oleophobic coating)is used on Samsung Omnia 7?
    Its was never confirmed .I did not see any tests that you performed or some deep display review.We know that ,Dell Streak has it, Samsung Galaxy S has it.Samsung Focus maybe has it. ( If you count only tweeter confirmation from Samsung USA. )Omnia 7 – There is no source at all.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Hi Kraft,
    There’s obviously no official confirmation (press release etc..) but that’s what a Samsung Rep told me when I asked him about it during the Oct11th launch event. You may also remember that The Gorilla Glass announcement of the Galaxy S line of phone only came (IIRC) 3 months after the product release. My guess is that Samsung can’t officially say anything because the Gorilla Glass is one of the Dell Venue Pro selling features too so OEMs (and MS) decided to all have their own differentiating features to talk about and not step on each others shoes. Take DLNA for example: It’s available on all of HTC’s new Android Handsets and Samsung handsets too but is missing from the WP7 devices. That’s because LG got it as “an exclusive” for WP7. Same for SRS/Dolby: It’s all Samsung’s Android devices but surprisingly only on HTC’s WP7 phones etc…
    Now I’m definitely not going to try to “test” the Omnia 7 screen to really see if’s a Gorilla glass but everything is pointing towards it. Gorilla Glasses aren’t indestructible thought and can be relatively “easily” scratched like any other piece of glass (take a sample diamond ear ring or sand paper etc..) they just won’t shatter in millions of piece if your device hits the ground etc.. Anyway the official list isn’t even up to date: No Dell Venue Pro, Nokia N8 etc…

  • Kraft M

    Thank you for your detailed reply.
    Thanks again!

  • Sid8810

    I hear Samsung wont be making anymore W7 phone this true?

    something else..i cant decide between the HD7 and this, i want that big big screen and weather animations . The Omnia 7 and this super amoled display ..just looks fantastic. Which one would you go for? i like to explore features and spend time on my device . Which one of these devices will a tech person most likely get bored with quicker? lol


  • MobileTechWorld

    Not it’s not true. Samsung will continue to manufacture Windows Phone 7 and you can expect some announcement next months at Mobile World Congress. Both devices have exactly the same feautres so it’s up to you to decide which one you like better. My best advise would be to try to try em both out t your local retail / carrier store .