LG Optimus 7 Scansearch Augmented Reality application Demo

Here’s one more LG Optimus 7 video, this time it’s a brief demo of the Scansearch Augmented Reality application found on LG’s Windows Phone 7 devices like the Optimus 7 and Optimus 7 Q/Quantum. You’ve already seen it more than a month ago in my Optimus 7 hands-on preview but I decided to shoot another one again. to talk about some I discovered while plying with the LG GW910 prototype. What’s interesting here isthe fact that this app (on the Optimus 7) seems to be  a trimmed down version of the realapplication (which is also availalbe on the iPhone). Sounds weird right? Well check out the pictures after the break:

You will notice that the version installed on the LG GW910 has several scanning options on the left hand-side of the screen unlike the one on the LG Optimus 7 (book cover scanning, movieposterscanning barcode scanning etc..). What’s strange here is that this is the same app downloaded from the Marketplace but it apparently checks for the device ID during the installation process and retail phones only get half of the features.