Want to crack Windows Phone 7 ? Keep on dreaming..

Every time that news about Windows Phone 7 being ported on the HTC HD2 has popped up I tried to make it perfectly clear that this whole hacking/porting adventure was totally useless because all the online services embedded in the OS (Windows Live, Marketplace, Locations, Tellme, Zune, Maps etc..) require a hardware check on Microsoft’s servers to prevent piracy. This security check is part of the PVK (Private Key) system and is part of every WP7 hardware device. A unique ID is given to every handset during the manufacturing process and is routinely checked by Microsoft’s authentications servers. If the ID check fails the device will display the message seen in the screenshot above.

This Service Advisory aims to resolve invalid PVK or PVK missing issue for any returned WP7 units

Condition(s) to follow this service advisory:

1. When customer complains about can not access Microsoft services such as XBOX, Marketplace, Windows Live and Zune on the WP7 devices.

2. When ASP performs diagnostic program test, ASP needs to follow the below repair actions if the diagnostic program detects invalid or missing PVK.

If the PVK is invalid or missing, there will be message on device as following when user try to login to Windows Live service.

via: wpcentral

  • Diego!

    Well… this time it will be much harder than iOS, WinMo 6.xx and Android… I wish all the best luck to hackers :p

  • Test

    Anyone having cracked windows mobile 7 ???

  • Anonymous

    Now, why would I prefer to choose Windows Phone 7 when Microsoft prevents me from actually owning it and do what I l like with it? 
    Microsoft seems to still think they own the world. In Mobile market they are an underdog and their only chance is to make themselves as obediant to every potential buyer there is…..