Dell Venue Pro back in stock but with more issues

It  seems like Dell Venue Pro fans just can’t get a break these days. After the Wifi, camera and headphone issues comes the SIM card problems. As previously announced by Dell the Venue Pro is now apparently back in stock at Microsoft’s store so all the early adopters can now exchange their engineering sample units for real final devices. Unfortunately something went wrong again and the devices are unable to read the SIM cards after a simple reboot of the handset.

Well good luck to all who are hoping to get their units shipped. My Venue Pro days are over for now. I got the call to replace my unit from the MS store today and I headed on down there…

1) got the phone exchanged and noticed right away that the build was a bit better as the slider was tighter and it was straight and not slightly off center. The bad part was none of my SIM cards would work in it.The store tried another SIM card from an employee and that did not work either.

2) phone 2 from the store.. got it opened up and again it would not read any of the sim cards. Again tried three working SIM cards and again none of them worked.

At this point I gave up.. they only had one unit left. I took an HD7 and was told that if they get more Dell units I could come in and swap out again.. At this point I am not sure I am ready to trust Dell.. Love the screen, Keyboard and gorilla glass but having a functioning phone has t count for something.

source: xda-devs thanks to everybody who sent this in

  • BucksterMcgee

    Man, all those people crying about the great “build quality” of the Venue Pro were totally right…. oh wait.

    Now personally, I’ve seen issues with the screen on the Samsun Focus (both touch and color defects), so it’s not all sun and roses over here, but other than that the phone is solid. Actually I’m starting to think my AT&T store just had a bad batch as I haven’t heard any other stories about touch screen problems with the Focus, and my color defect was it looks like a Smurf pissed on my first one.

    Of course, the flaw with SAMOLED color banding is present, but hopefully a software patch can allieviate to some degree.

    Anyway, what was my point again? Oh yes, the Dell Venue Pro is the best phone, especially because it’s really heavy… oops I mean, has great build quality… dang I always mix those two up….

  • Michael

    To quote one of my favorite movies “Snatch”…Weight is a sign of reliability and If it doesn’t work…you can always hit him with it/thick Russian accent