Augmented Reality hacked on Windows Phone 7

Kevin Marshall from Clarity Consulting managed to code a small augmented reality application using the recently unveiled “hacked” native code access on Windows Phone 7. Nothing super amazing here or useful either, just a proof of concept. This is similar to how LG’s WP7 devices have access to the Raw video camera feed (which is needed for the SacnSearch application). Kevin also complains about LG’s phone performances and color rendering:

And why does LG get access to this, but no one else does officially? Raw camera access and the compass are two of the 4-5*things you need to make some awesome phone apps like video chat, Facebook augmented reality view of places/friends, shiba inu mobile puppy cams, etc. Instead all we get is LG Scan Search? Come on now, that’s ridiculous. LG should be on double secret app certification probation until they can build a phone that goes over 50fps** and renders colors within several shades of the hex values you specify.
Seriously, everyone needs to write a letter to their local Microsoft representative and demand some access to all he cool APIs blocked for 3rd party apps. That or whine about it on Twitter.
*coffee and cigarettes are right up there in the top 3
**For real. Check it yourself. No way you will ever hit 60fps like windows phones are supposed to on a LG unless you solder on another GPU

I have both a Samsung Omnia 7 and LG Optimus 7 and can safely say that they have exactly the same performance (I will shoot a nice video about this soon) and ironically my last post showsthat the Omnia 7 (and Focus) is the device that has some serious color rendering issues. Regarding third-party access to currently hidden API’s; I’m sure that things will change in the near future but Microsoft was originaly planning to release an Augmented Reality XNA samplethis month but has apparently changed its mind (it is no longer mentioned in the XNA dev hub).

source: K.Marshall

  • BucksterMcgee

    Speaking of Clarity Consulting, where are those amazing apps they showed designs of way back when they were named a devolpment partner? Seriously those designs were amazing and beautiful, like the Hulu hub for example.

    Frankly, Clarity Consulting seemed like one of the very few who truly understood the metro design, so it makes me sad that I haven’t been able to find any of their apps yet. Hopefully they are just waiting to get the quality perfect, or waiting for something else that’s preventing them from releasing, because if their apps worked even half as well as they looked when they previewed them, they’d still be better than most everything available for wp7 atm.

  • MobileTechWorld

    These were just concept afaik. The official Facebook application was development by them and also the iFood application too.