The problem with Super AMOLED screens: Nasty color banding

Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen panel is gorgeous, especially when displaying  Windows Phone 7′s Metro UI (with the drak theme) unfortunately there are several ugly drawbacks. First, you have to live with fuzzy text because of the PenTile Matrix Sub-pixel arrangement. Secondly, you will witness sever color banding, thanks in parts to the same PenTile Matrix (it is RGBG compared to a regular RGB lcd…) and also to the extremely vibrant and high color contrast of the screen. I took two photos to show you how ugly it can look like on the Samsung Omnia 7 vs the regular TFT LCD screen of the LG Optimus 7. This is really a problem especially for developers who now have to pay close attention to the assets they are using when building their applications. I’m not entirely sure if the OS is currently running at 32bit color depth but if I had to guess I would say that it is probably set at 16bit (could be wrong thought). Moving up to 32bit could potentially diminish the problem a bit on Samsung’s AMOLED screens. Samsung can also tweak the amplitude of the modulation of the sub-pixels to reduce the problem. One more picture after the break:

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Samsung Omnia 7 vs LG Optimus 7 camera comparison

I just shot 2 similar HD videos with the LG Optmius 7 and Samsung Omnia 7 to compare both devices’ camera on this cold and cloudy day. So what is the verdict? Well the Omnia 7 is the clear winner thanks to the vastly superior clarity and continuous auto-focus feature. On the other hand you will also notice that the Optimus 7 video issmoother even-thought both videos are endoded at 24fps. The Omnia 7 seems to have some weird issue causing this problem. It is either related to the white-balance system or the shutter speed is set too high by Samsung. An other odd issue on the Omnia 7 is that the viewfinder runs at 4fps when shooting HD video (it’s perfectly smooth on the LG Optimus 7).Check out the video and photos after the break:

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The LG Optimus 7 is here

LG just handed me an Optimus 7 device for review so if you have any questions or requests just post a comment below,via email or twitter @MobileTechWorld. I should also receive an HTC 7 Trophy today courtesy of HTC so I’m will be able to do some interesting 3-way comparisons with the Samsung Omnia 7 before posting the full reviews (and also my gigantic Windows Phone 7 review too).

Free Windows Phone 7 develepoment webcast hosted by AT&T

Hsuan-hua from AT&T’s developer progrma just informed me that the company is going to host a free Windows Phone 7 devlepoment webcast on Thursday, November 18, 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific Time. Here are details:

Who Should Attend:
Developers and IT managers responsible for developing and deploying Windows Phone 7 applications

Join Us to Discover:
•Overview of the programming model available for Windows Phone 7
•How developers can work with the application Lifecycle
•Integration points with Windows Phone
•Mapping options for Windows Phone
What You Will Learn:

•Which programming API is best for their application
•The three application navigation models available in Windows Phone 7
•How to build a great user experience with tombstoning
•Ways to customize their application for Windows Phone 7
•How to leverage the Bing Maps control in applications

Presenter: Rob Cameron
Rob Cameron is an Industry Architect with the Communications Sector in Microsoft focused on Windows Phone 7, Silverlight, XNA, embedded and Mediaroom. Rob has worked with the product team since October to help customer and partner early adopters get ready for Windows Phone 7. .

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