HTC 7 Trophy Quadband CDMA version launching on Verizon early next year

Verizon is apparently going to start selling the a new version of the HTC 7 Trophy early next year according to the brochure sent to Microsoft Employees. This new CDMA version of the Windows Phone 7 handset will pack 16GB of internal memory compared to only 8GB in the European version currently on sale and will also feature a Quadband Global Phone radio which means that it will work on GSM networks too. The device is currently only offer for pre-order to Microsoft employees at the price of $199 (aren’t these guys supposed to get them for free?).

source: engadget

  • Juan Barinas

    Why oh why does the US only get 8GB, this is not enough for a 2-year contract. I have the Samsung Focus and I’ve just under 3GB free space left. That won’t last with the music and games I’ll be adding int he future. It’s great that they come with the MicroSD slot and support expansion, but even with that, 16GB should be the minimum for any phone from here on out.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Oh I guess that my wording wasn’t clear in the post. The US version of the Trophy will have 16GB compared to 8GB on the European. So this time it’s the Euro guys who are getting screwed;).