Five Windows Phone 7 and Samsung Focus compatible micro-sd cards certified by SanDisk

Yesterday I posted about  a Samsung support message claiming that the SanDisk 8GB Class 2 micro-sd was certified for the Windows Phone 7  Samsung Focus handset and that more “Windows Phone 7 Compatible” cards would be released soon. Well, it apparently didn’t take long before Sandisk updates its website with a list of Five WP7 certified micro-sd cards:

- SanDisk microSDHC_8GB

- SanDisk microSDHC_16GB

- SanDisk microSDHC_32GB

- SanDisk microSDHC_4GB

-SanDisk microSD_2 GB

source: SanDisk thanks for the heads up Josh

  • Juan Barinas

    Thank you Sandisk.

  • Juan Barinas

    Also, just got around to finding this. The PDF manual for the Samsung Focus.

  • Mike

    SanDisk also has alternate part numbers for other regions, e.g. for Europe it would be “SDSDQ-032G-E11M” instead of “SDSDQ-032G-A11M”. Does anyone know if these alternate part numbers are also compatible? I assume they are the same card…

    Here’s a link showing the numbers:

  • Inshaji

    That is funny. I just went ot he website and they have no recommendation. I dont have a way of inserting a picture of the webpage, but when I search for compatible cards for samsung focus, website gives no listing.
    I have searched a few times but to no avail.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes SanDisk took down the page 2 days ago.

  • Davewald

    I talked to a fairly knowledgable rep at the AT&T store today (I know…rare), and he says that SanDisk just pulled back on their certifications for the Focus on everything except the 4gb units. Says that SanDisk is tell them that it will be January before they have new cards ready.

  • Lastime

    I just completed a chat session with a SanDisk rep and he said they have no cards certified to be compliant with Windows 7 phones.

  • Tomamcik

    Im on with scandisk and:
    Jeff Bablani: SanDisk has not tested its MicroSD / MicroSDHC cards with Windows 7 phone and these cards are not certified for Windows 7 phone. -microSDHC_32GB SDSDQ-032G-A11M

  • Anthony Oresteen

    May 9th 2011 – Still nothing on their site. I called tech support and they told me ‘None of their microSD cards are Windows 7 certified’ – call Samsung or Microsoft.