SanDisk 8GB Class 2 Micro-SD officially certified for the Samsung Focus. More Windows Phone 7 compatible cards coming

courtersy: Paul.T

Here’s a short follow up to the ongoing Windows Phone 7 micro-sd drama. Samsung has officially sated via its support site that the SanDisk 8GB Class 2 micro-sd is now certified for the Samsung Focus if a user wishes to use the on-board expansion slot:

Hi, actually the Samsung Focus has a 16GB internal memory and expandable up to 32GB. So you can insert a 32GB micro SD card on this device. However there are certain limitations when it comes to the micro SD card. Compatible micro SD cards will be branded as “Windows Phone 7 Compatible” on the packaging. Approved cards can be obtained from the manufacturer or carrier. (The SanDisk 8GB class 2 micro SD card has been certified.) Many commercially available retail micro SD cards are not approved for use in Windows Phone 7. Use of unapproved cards may cause performance degradation or device instability, including unexpected reset and loss of user data. A micro SD card class is not an indication of meeting Windows Phone 7 requirements.

It’s also interesting to learn that micros-sd cards branded “Windows Phone 7 Compatible” are now going to be sold.

Update: SanDisk has certified Five cards (thanks for the tip Josh)

Thanks for the tip Juan

  • JJ Murphy

    I’ve been pretty forgiving of Ms so far, but they really should have had their ducks in a row better than this.

  • JD

    The Focus has “8GB” of internal memory, not 16GB!

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup the Samsung Tech made a mistake..

  • Anonymous

    SanDisk has a list of WP7compatible cards now!

  • Andleer

    This is all great, but where does it way that they are WP7 certified? This is different than San Disk recommends.

  • Gumby

    I think SanDisk updated their page recently. No compatible cards are listed as of 11/17/2010 at 4pm CST

  • Jh

    In this case i dont blame MS i blame Samsung as they did not follow the MS Spec which stated no expansion slots they added one anyway which im glad they did but did not follow up and certification or testing on what Micro SD would support their hardware.

  • Fckyosht

    fucking retard, its 8gb internal only. what’s next, the sun is blue? how can u get such a simple fact wrong

  • guest

    my wife bought a focus because we thought she could upgrade the memmory on it, well after a week of going back and forth with ATT, Samsung, and Microsoft, we took the phone back and got a HTC inspire, with 16g, which is upgradable to 32g.