Samsung Omnia 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S camera comparison

I’ve just shot two videos to compare the quality of the Samsung Omnia 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S video capture capability. Both devices apparently have the same 5Mpx sensor but the Galaxy S, thanks to its Hummingbird chipset, shoots at 720P 30fps with a bit-rate of 12Mbs (in H.264) compared to the 720P 24fps and 6Mbs (MP4-Simple-Profile) limitation of the Qualcomm QSD8250 found in the Omnia 7. The first thing you will notice is the smoother framerate of the Galaxy S footage but I was surprised that the higher bit-rate didn’t really make that much of a diference in the fill output (the lighting conditions are really crappy and both device had a hard-time capturing all the outdoors detail thought). The next thing is that the continuous auto-focus is totally busted on the Galaxy S compared to the Omnia 7 which works extremely well.Video after the break:

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    What city is that?

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    Right outside of Paris (France)