Only 40K Windows Phone 7 devices sold on launch day?

Let’s assume that what The Streets is saying is true and that only 40 000 Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold in the US yesterday (the source of this number is “a market research source who tracks phone sales” or a rectum..who knows…). Is this a good or bad number? Compared to the iPhone’s sales it’s abyssal but no one was expecting WP7 to rival Apple on launch day. On the other hand, 40K is quite good given the obvious lack of stock (it’s still impossible to buy devices unlocked at regular retail stores in Europe 3 weeks after launch…and some carriers didn’t even start to sell WP7 devices yet!). But the number of phones sold isn’t the problem (especially when we don’t have any official confirmation) The issue is marketing. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 ad campaign (or for any MS product besides Xbox) is shitty at best… in my opinion. The ads don’t make any sense to the regular Joe compared to Apple’s ads where you actually see the product in action (even the BlackBerry Torch TV ads that have been running here are 10x better). Frankly this has to stop. Every single person that I have seen playing with a Windows Phone 7 device is surprised by how good it is. Every review/hands-on/ etc has mentioned that experiencing the real thing is miles better than seeing screenshot or video of it. So what does MS do? Well they don’t even show the damn thing action at all (a 3 seconds shot of the home screen doesn’t count)and tries be cool but fails. One has to wonder if Microsoft thinks that having the word “Windows” in the product’s name is a guarantee of success….hey wonder why the Xbox is a success? Because Microsoft’s brand is no where to bee seen and because the regular Joe / Jane doesn’t even know that it’s a Microsoft product. Stop trying hard to surf on the “Windows” brand name and sell the actual product.

Developers have been working hard on WP7 apps with and without Microsoft’s help because they think that the platform is worth it so the least that Microsoft can do is to correctly market it’s product. Nobody gives a flying hoot if you are giving away 90K WP7 devices to your employees if potential buyers can’t even buy your products because there’s no stock. Maybe it’s time to put some pressure on the OEMs and carriers a bit, no? Samsung had no problem selling 5 million Galaxy S devices since it’s launch a few months ago so don’t come and tell me that they can’t manufacture WP7 handsets in large quantities if there’s money to be made. If Microsoft is serious about it then everything can be done. Anyway this is only the begging and word of mouth is pretty good so far, because it’s a good product and definitely not because of Microsoft’s marketing skills.

One More thing, more than half of the Xbox Live WP7 games announced for launch are nowhere to be seen. What’s up with that? The vast majority of the applications on the marketplace also have shoddy quality (even some developed by Microsoft..). Time to straighten up all this before it’s too late Microsoft.

  • Viruela22

    This is not true, are sites pro apple making run these comments, don’t forget that carriers said he had great demand in Europe is sold 250.0000 units:
    You should only expect that microsoft official to judge whether it was a success or failure figures

  • MobileTechWorld

    I’m not saying that the 40K number is true or not. I just sort of took this as opportunity for me to complain about MS’s total lack of Marketing skills…

  • MobilePaddy

    First I dont believe the number. Second, You could look at it a different way. They sold 4x times more handsets in one day than the number of kins sold in 6 weeks. This race wont be won or lost in one week. If we were going off initial 1 week sales to judge an OS, Android would be dead by now.

  • Walt Wilcutts

    I will say that on launch day I had a woman come in and buy 3 Samsungs. One of the first things she said is that she loved the commercial and “had to come in and see the phone that will save me from my phone”. I know that’s only one person, but hey it worked for her. Once she got the hands on she was hooked in no time.

  • Walt Wilcutts

    I think that the lack of inventory on launch day really hurt. Also, many people were looking for the LG with keyboard and it’s not around yet.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup lack of inventory is a big problem IMO.

  • MobileTechWorld

    The main problem thought is that MS is using the same ads Worldwide (just translated or with different actors in the same settings) and this just doesn’t work IMO. Different cultures etc… And they should show the OS in action for God’s sake. :(

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yup Android didn’t break any records at launch. but MS is just pissing off Millions in Marketing for nothing IMO. They should re-think the whole campaign IMO.

  • Pantou Ekang

    The Problem isn´t the ads..In Europe HTC HD 7 ist seling out since 2 weeks..and Nobody have seen Samsung Omnia 7…Why?
    Who can make ads without devices?

  • Alex Sromek

    I was in London a few weeks ago and WP7 ads were everywhere. Oxford street, Victoria station Leicester square. It was a huge push. Alot of the phone shops were demoing handsets and there was a real buzz about the new OS. I have an Omnia7 and its awesome. I have to disagree on the lack of marketing.

  • Viruela22

    ok, but keep in mind that these are long term, do not have to sell everything in one day, until Microsoft says no official data can not speak, because they might not enjoy your beautiful phone that is fortunate to have, talk the benefits of windows and leave the phone 7 critical for anti everything like android apple fans or fanatics, look: iphone sold from 28 to 30 of 2007 (on his first pitch), 240000 units but if we make the calculation that means as 40000 units per day, that is no big deal and last 40000 is not so bad, think this is just the beginning, last poe: windows is precious phone Who would have doubt going to be successful

  • JJ Murphy

    Just wanted to point out that Amazon wireless is out of all the phones, and so are all 3 of my local AT&T stores. (No T-Mobile around me). I’m guessing that Microsoft is trying to pull a classic nintendo trick and limit some of the hardware to create artificial demand. Then in about 2 weeks, we’ll see a deluge of hardware back into stores.

  • ???? ???

    I disagree with this 40,000 number. I believe the real number should be around 300,000.