Need For Speed Undercover for Windows Phone 7 Preview video

I just shot a quick hands-on preview of Need For Speed Undercover for Windows Phone 7 running on the Samsung Omnia 7. Those of you who have an iPhone will notice that this WP7 version is nearly 100% identical to iOS version released more than 1 year and a half ago. The Adreno 200 doesn’t seem to have any problem rendering the game at an acceptable frame rate. The Trial version will give you access to the tutorial (featuring the Porsche) and only one race/mission that you can play with either a Nissan or a Pontiac. Unfortunately once you finish this unique mission you won’t be able to play it again and will be prompted to buy the full game ($4.99). The only solution will be to uninstall it and re-install it. Anyway check out the video below:

I would like to point out that the game looks better in real life than in the video because the Super-AMOLED doesn’t look super hot when shot by a camera. The PenTile Matrix is the cause of the moire pattern you see above.
The next racing game scheduled to launch on WP7 is Asphalt 5 by Gameloft but other than the short teaser we saw a couple of months back there’s no launch date yet.