The Samsung Omnia 7 is here!

I finally got my hands on a retail Windows Phone 7 handset and as you can see in the picture above it’s the lovely Samsung Omnia 7. This is not a review sample sent by an OEM but a product bought in a retail store (HTC is scheduled to send me a couple of devices this months but they apparently have lots of stick issues and the review device that Microsoft promised to send me never showed thanks for nothing MS..). Anyway here’s how things are going to go down: I will finally start writing up my gigantic Windows Phone 7 review now that I have final hardware in my hands and will obviously review the Omnia 7 in a separate write-up. I’m also going to finish the Samsung Galaxy S review (running Android 2.2) that is long overdue and will also compare to its cousin, the Omnia 7. Finally, I will finish the MobileTechWorld application and make it available in the Marketplace in the coming weeks. Lots of videos are in the pipeline and if you want to know/see anything in particular just leave a comment, send me a mail or a tweet at

  • Monkey D Black

    good going, looking forward. would be nice if there could be some sort of comaprison between different Windows Phone 7 devices. well, mostly I’m interested in a comparison of the Omnia7 and HD7 with an head to head battle.

  • eric95c

    I’ve seen many website reporting the flashy colors and “irreal” colors on the Omnia 7 compared to the Galaxy S. I wonder if you notice the same problem?

  • Anonymous

    I would also like to see a video comparison with the HD7. What interests me more is how the two screens perform outdoors in direct sunlight (I am in sunny Greece u know)

  • Diego!

    Congrats M! Looking forward to seeing Samsung Omnia 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S in a video :)

  • Satheo

    Nice! The Omnia 7 is a huge phone. Is its feeling also “huge”?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Nope it doesn’t feel huge at all. It’s definitely better than the HTC HD2/HD7. It’s just like a Galaxy S.

  • MobileTechWorld

    The screen is identical to the Galaxy S (I have both side by side..) The only problem here is that WP7 only renders in 16bit right now. and because of the Super-AMOLED’s higher contrast you really notice all the dithering issues in some picture/backgrounds etc…

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yeah I’ll do some comparison against the HTC devices once HTC sends them to me this month :)

  • MobileTechWorld

    The comparison will be fairly easy to do right now..Just take a Galaxy S vs an HD2 :) Both devies have the same screens as their WP7 cousins. I’ll do a comparison as soon as I get my hands-on an HD7.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Thanks Diego:)

  • esjay

    M. which WP7 would you buy ? Or would you still wait for something that hasnt launched yet ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    If you want to get a WP7 device this fall go for the Omnia 7 (or Samsung Focus if you are in the US) if the camera matters to you (and if you don’t mind the PenTile Matrix subpixel arrangement of the Super-AMOLED screen). The performance is nearly identical on all WP7 devices so you can’t really go wrong if any of them but the Samsung devices currently have the best video capture capabilities and feature rich cameras.

  • Abhidec1990

    Is the omnia 7′s screen identical to the Galaxy s’s ?? So does that mean the Galaxy s also has a penTile Matrix subpixel arrangement ?? I’ve seen the Galaxy s’s screen and it does not bother me.. Actually it looks amazing.. Thats why you bought it ryt..

  • MobileTechWorld

    Yes the Omnia 7 (an Focus) has exactly the same Super-AMOLED screen as the Galaxy S. BTW all of Samsung’s AMOLED (ans Super-AMOLED) panels feature the PenTile Matrix.