The Samsung Omnia 7 is here!

I finally got my hands on a retail Windows Phone 7 handset and as you can see in the picture above it’s the lovely Samsung Omnia 7. This is not a review sample sent by an OEM but a product bought in a retail store (HTC is scheduled to send me a couple of devices this months but they apparently have lots of stick issues and the review device that Microsoft promised to send me never showed thanks for nothing MS..). Anyway here’s how things are going to go down: I will finally start writing up my gigantic Windows Phone 7 review now that I have final hardware in my hands and will obviously review the Omnia 7 in a separate write-up. I’m also going to finish the Samsung Galaxy S review (running Android 2.2) that is long overdue and will also compare to its cousin, the Omnia 7. Finally, I will finish the MobileTechWorld application and make it available in the Marketplace in the coming weeks. Lots of videos are in the pipeline and if you want to know/see anything in particular just leave a comment, send me a mail or a tweet at

Windows Phone 7 running on the HTC HD2 again

Looks like the Chinese folks over at XDA.CN managed to port an early Windows Phone 7 build to the HTC HD2. This is so far the most convincing video we have seen and clearly shows the OS actually running on the device. This isn’t really worth much thought given that what we are seeing here looks like a 6 months old build and that even if the RTM build was ported to the HD2 you won’t be able to use any online services with it (every WP7 retail and developer handset has a unique devices ID that is checked by Microsoft’ servers every time the devices goes online). Video after the break:

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