Slight difference in performance between Windows Phone 7 devices

Let the nitpicking begging. There’s been a lot of hoopla about a recent video posted on YouTube showing the Samsung Omnia 7 loading a game silghty faster than an HTC 7 Trophy. Big deal folks! Did anybody stop to think for a minute and realise the following: the Omnia 7 has 1GB of on-board NAND Flash ROM compared to 512MB on the HTC 7 Trophy. The ROM and the internal flash (embedded micro-sd flash card or eMMC) are effectively mixed together and act as one single drive when the device is first booted up. So given that the Omnia 7 has twice the ROM there’s a good chance that some of the third-party applications are being installed on the ROM of the device (which is faster than the micro-sd based storage) and this is probably why the game in question is loading faster on the Samsung device compared to the HTC 7 Trophy. As stated by the guy who shot the videos, both phones have comparable performances when running the OS (which is installed in the ROM). But also keep in mind that even Two Omnia 7 side-by-side probably won’t have exactly the same performance either. This is the way things work. Videos after the break:

First video:

Second video with the battery charged on both devices:

The really problem thought is that HTC apparently HTC is now shipping device with SLCD screens and other with regular TFT panel according to the picture below showing two HTC 7 Trophy phones:

Now that sucks and HTC deserved to be publicly exposed here…

source: tweakers Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

  • Ef Jay

    I think the whole issue with loading times is that HTC used cheapo cards for their storage option, if the class 0 card in the HD7 is anything to go by and gives a reason to pick the Samsung device for faster performance across the board.