Free Windows Phone 7 Programming ebook released

Charles Petzold’s Windows Phone 7 programming book has just been released on time for PDC10 and is now  available to download for free.

This book is a gift from the Windows Phone 7 team at Microsoft to the programming community, and I am proud to have been a part of it. Within the pages that follow, I show you the basics of writing applications for Windows Phone 7 using the C# programming language with the Silverlight and XNA 2D frameworks.

Yes, Programming Windows Phone 7 is truly a free download, but for those readers who still love paper—as I certainly do—this book will also be available (for sale) divided into two fully-indexed print editions: Microsoft Silverlight Programming for Windows Phone 7 and Microsoft XNA Framework Programming for Windows Phone 7. [Note from Devon: we should have these ready for order in December 2010.]

With the money you’ve saved downloading this book, please buy other books. Despite the plethora of information available online, books are still the best way to learn about programming within a coherent and cohesive tutorial narrative. Every book sale brings a tear of joy to an author’s eye, so please help make them weep overflowing rivers.

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Kindle application for Windows Phone 7 announced


The Windows Phone 7 version of the Amazon Kindle eBook reader application has been officially announced and demonstrated a few minutes ago during the PDC10 keynote. As you can see in the pictures (or just wait forthe recorded webcast to check it out in action)The navigation is done using the famous panorama control UI and everyfeature you can expect from a Kindle app is present (you can for example share stuff with your contacts etc..). More Pictures and press release after the break:

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Will Pandora for Windows Phone 7 support Multi-Tasking?

According Microsoft’s “Media Experience Evangelist” Michael Scherotter who spoke at Sprint’s Developers Conference yesterday in Santa Clara, the Windows Phone 7 version Pandora will supposedly support multi-tasking and allow music to be played in the background similar to the built-in Zune player  UPDATE: You got to love half-assed journalism…Michael Scherotter just commented on the articke saying that only the Zune Player can Multi-Task.. He latter said that other third-party application will also be able the multi-task but didn’t give any more information.

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