Sony Ericsson Android PlayStation Phone unveiled

Remember the rumored Sony Ericsson PSP Android phone from last August? Well here are the first like pictures of one of the prototype devices in the wild. The phone is supposedly going to run Android 3.0 (If what we are seeing in the pictures is 3.0 then it looks really similar to what we have now…which would be a disappointment..), packs and MSM8655 (or MSM8255 depending on the region) Qualcomm chipset clocked at 1GHz exactly like the HTC Desire HD, it will also have access to a dedicated Sony Marketplace filled with games compatible with it (more Android fragmentation…). The touch-pad at the center of the sliding panel is also multi-touch capable.

Other than the nice MSM8X55 chipset I don’t really see anything really interesting here.Especially when you take into account that the games in the Sony Marketplace will probably only be playable on this devices. Microsoft (and Apple) has a far greater opportunity to conquer the mobile gaming market with WP7 (and ironically Sony Ericsson will probably have Xbox Live enabled WP7 devices in 2011). Now the only downside to WP7 is that all current devices only sport the Adreno 200 GPU (found in the QSD8250) but the end user surely doesn’t really care about this if there’s a greater selection of games on WP7 than on a single Android device.

source: engadget

  • David Olsen

    It will be interesting to see how the Sony PSP phone games stack up against similarly specced WP7 games given the lack of support for 3D acceleration in Android vs WP7.

    Hoping Gingerbread brings that sort of support to the table.

  • MobileTechWorld

    I don’t even know if we are going to see a whole lot of MSM8X55 based WP7 phones before the end of 2011. Games developed directly for this chipset “should” look batter than WP7 games but will this be enough if they are only compatible with one Android device? Interesting times thought..

  • BucksterMcgee

    What gives you reason to believe there won’t be a lot of 205 Adreno GPU WP7 devices in 2011?

    I understand the launch hardware of WP7 is quite “average” by today’s standards, whereas a year ago those specs would have been considered “cutting edge”, but do you really believe that the hardware will always be delayed, even a year from now?

    The best I can tell, the reason the stayed with that chipset is two part: 1) So they didn’t have a moving target for launch, and could easily write the best drivers so all the phones would be about equal for launch, and 2) to keep down the price for launch, so they weren’t launching with $400 phones on contract, which you can assume people would mock, even if the specs were worth it.

    If anything I believe it’s that they wanted to keep the same hardware, for drivers, quality, and equal experiences over all the launch devices. If one carrier had one phone that was far better than the others, chances are all the “focus” (cough cough… hint hint) would be on that one phone, where the others would be ignored. This of course is the opposite of what Microsoft wants, where they want to say, “Hey, come to Windows Phone! The experience is the great and the same accross the board, just pick what type of hardware suits you best! Keyboards, Speakers, Awersome Screens… it’s up to you!” which is vastly different from; “Come to Windows Phone! The experience is great! We launch with 30 phones, this one is the best….”

    So I believe that there will be a few of these one time things with the launch devices, due to the nature of the WP7 release. My guess, depending on how fast they actually ship these updates, is that in the spring of 2011 WP7 will be updated with the largest of the “strange” restrictions removed, e.g., CDMA, new chip sets and cps, multitasking/fast app switching, 3rd party restrictions such as camera and compus use, 4G hardware (not actual software limitation), and front facing camera (again, not software limtation if I understand correctly, just no manufactors added any), etc. By the end of 2011 I fully expect WP7 to be caught up at least hardware wise, and possibly very close for all the little software issues, but probably will still have a few things that will just be “different” on the platform.

    So yeah, again do you have any evidence that there won’t be those chipsets all the way by the end of 2011? Or is this just based off of the current launch devices?

  • eric95c

    I agree with you BucksterMcgee.
    I would say one thing : maybe they wanted an hardware enough capable for using every kind of software even 1-3 years after the 1st phone (so in 2013). But they will also update the hardware in order to get better “visual” games.
    I wish also that they will allow the developers to make multi-hardware games, such as poorer graphic on the old phone and better graphic on the new phone, a little like on a Computer but more controlled by MS.

  • Vijudallon

    I like this fusion, really respect the creativity of Sony here!

    For me:
    3.8 Super amoled, 1850 mAh battery, dolby mobile sound with 2.1 as LG Gm200, HDMI, DLNA, WIfi, 720 p, Android Froyo, 1 Ghz processor + PLAYSTATION in it!!

    This type of fusion phone will RULE!