HTC 7 Trophy and Samsung Omnia 7 now available at SFR in France

This one’s for my french readers. I wanted to let you know that the HTC 7 Trophy and the Samsung Omnia 7 are now available at SFR (there’s no Omnia 7 in stack right now thought. I discovered this earlier today (around 4AM) and at that time the HTC 7 Trophy was priced at €99 with a 2year contract (and a minimum of €50.5 per month) and the Samsung Omnia 7 was priced at €149 with a similar contract. This was definitely a bad move on SFR’s part compared to Orange’s offerings (all their WP7 phones have a €100 mail in rebate). But the good news is that SFR’s prices have now been updated! The HTC 7 Trophy is now at €1 after a €98 mail in rebate and the Omnia 7 is now at €49 after a €100 mail in rebate too. For my part I still don’t have a WP7 device and the promised review sample I was expecting this from MS is still nowhere to be seen…

Orange has also started to ship the Omnia 7 devices that were ordered last week on the website.

  • eric95c

    The Omnia 7 is now available on SFR and you can order it!!

  • MobileTechWorld

    yup, mais encore en renouvellement :(