New Windows Phone 7 TV ad actually shows the product in action

Here’s a new Windows Phone 7 TV ad aimed at the French market which I guess is going to start airing on national TV pretty soon. Unlike the previous ones ,this ad actually shows part of the product in action but basically has the same message: “If you don’t have WP7 phone you will be loser like that other guy…”. Now, if only people were able to get their hands on devices it would be even better…Video after the break:

Yeah this kinda looks like a Samsung Omnia 7 but a render of the LG Optimus 7 at the end…a bit confusing….but I guess that this is because the Omnia 7 won’t be out before November.

  • Ef Jay

    Its alive!! Pretty sad that the appearance of an advert for WP7 is actually news. MS is really bungling this launch badly.

  • Bill Lim

    in the title, you used add instead of ad
    but no biggy

  • MobileTechWorld

    woops, thanks for the heads up Bill!