Adobe Reader and YouTube plugin for Windows Phone 7 released

Adobe’ PDF reader for Windows Phone 7 and the YouTube plug-in have now been released on the Zune Marketplace. For what I can see the Adobe Reader is not the one that was announced a few days ago (I’m guessing that the X version will come later this year) but should get the job done. On the other had the YouTube Plug-in (yeah I’m not callingthis an app..) will probably disappoint some users. As previously seen this plug-in allows YouTube content embedded in web-pages, mails and sms to be played back in the native WP7 video player (and then integrate recentlyviewedvideos in the music & video hub).Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be a full blown YouTube application (to watch non-embedded YouTube videos the user will have to navigate to the mobile.YouTube site with the IE browser..).