HTC HD7 vs Samsung Omnia 7 vs HTC 7 Mozart screen comparison

The lucky gals at Engadget have just posted a three way screen comparison of the HTC HD7 vs Samsung Omnia 7 vs HTC 7 Mozart. The first thing you will notice is the perfect blacks on the Omnia 7′s Super-AMOLED compared to the HTC 7 Mozart’s SLCD panel and the Regular TFT-LCD screen of the HTC HD7. No surprise here but you will have to live with the sucky Pentile Matrix sub-pixel arrangement if you what the brightest Windows phone 7 device on the market. And just to be clear, the HTC HD7 uses exactly the same screen has on the original HTC HD2 so the colors feel kinda washed out even compared to other TFT-screens and the viewing angles are the worst of all the WP7 devices that are going on sale this week. More pictures and videos after the break:

Just wanted to point out that the majority of the “big” websites (US, UK and other European countries) have been handed out devices last week and will post their reviews later today. Unfortunitely for me I’m located in France where Microsoft didn’t setup this kind of PR event and didn’t hand out any test devices (yeah it kinda sucks for me given that the vast majority of my readers (90%) are from the US…). So I’m trying my best to get my hands-on a retail device in the coming days to correctly do my work .

source: engadget