Cocktail Flow: Super nice looking cocktail application for Windows Phone 7

Now that’s an awesome looking Windows Phone 7 application courtesy of Distinction and GregDoesIt. Cocktail Flow is a cocktail recipe application for Windows Phone 7 and designed from the ground up to to take advantage of the Metro UI. HEre are the features supported by the application:

Barstock SearchSelect the ingredients present in your home cabinet from the application’s virtual cabinet with a touch to view the cocktails that can be made from them.
The application also offers shopping advice on further ingredients to buy based on the contents of your cabinet

Instant Search Search recipes instantly by starting to type their names in any list. Categorized cocktail lists also help finding the drinks either by type or by their base drinks.
The tempting recipes also display a list of similar cocktails, helping you discover further cocktails of similar taste.

Amazing Photography Visuals are second to most important about cocktails after taste. Because of this, all recipe pictures have been carefully composed to deliver the fantastic experience you’ll feel when drinking them.
Have you ever shown a friend just how good a cocktail tastes? With the stunning pictures in Cocktail Flow, you finally can.

Guide Not sure where to start? The guides in the application explain the essentials needed to get started creating the perfect cocktail – from the bar tools to garnishing techniques.
Recipes also come with step by step guides on how to make them, making it easy to create those tasty drinks.

Check out the neat looking video after the break:

source: Cocktail Flow thanks to the heads up John

  • BucksterMcgee

    Ah great you posted about this one. I was just about to suggest you looking into this after I saw their video. This is a great example of using the Metro philosophy without just copying the simple base template they give out. Bravo! I really hope more apps with this sort of quality come out.

    Again, this type of app is just another reason why WP7 is awesome. It’s a great blend between, style, simplisticty, and functionality. I’d like to coin the phrase “It gets to the point… but with style” … actually I take that back… too goofy of a phrase…. i’ll work on it.

  • Akos Kapui

    Amazing app! Thanks for sharing!

  • John

    Love the feel of the application… wish there was a cocktail app on iPhone that looked like this! Oh, well, will see if it’s worth switching for some of these apps to WP7…

  • Alon

    Wow, I’m already loving how this application looks. I think this is another example of how WP7 applications can be cleaner, more intuitive and more fun than iPhone / Android apps. Would love to see more of these, as for now I’ll definitely get this one!