Windows Embedded Compact 7 delayed


Microsoft is apparently delaying the launch of Windows Embedded Compact 7 according to company’s spokesperson. Embedded Compact 7 formerly known as Windows CE 7 was rumored to be the kernel on which Windows Phone 7 is based on but so far Microsoft has never officially commented on this matter and today’s statement doesn’t shed any new light on this matter:

“The general availability date for Windows Embedded Compact 7 has been moved from the fourth quarter of this year to the first quarter of next year (2011). ”

Windows Embedded Compact 7 is also supposed to be used to build ARM based tablets and slates, unfortunately there’s nothing new on this front either besides the early prototypes that Asus unveiled a few months go. Microsoft seems to be focus on Windows 7 instead and hoping that Intel’s upcoming Oak-Trail CPUs will enabled OEMS to build iPad competitors (Windows 7′s UI isn’t gonna cut it IMO and we probably won’t see anything really competitive before the launch of Windows 8 in 2012).

The Windows Embedded Automotive 7 platform announced today is based on Windows Embedded Compact 7.

Source: All About Microsoft

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    I saw on that the OS for WP7 is Windows CE 7.07. Has Windows CE 7 been confirmed? If so, that means the phones have Windows CE 7 but general availability will not be until 2011? I am confused…