Install Android 2.2 / Froyo now on any Samsung Galaxy S in the world even if it's carrier branded


Don’t want to wait until your carrier  releases a screwed up to for your Android 2.2 rom for your Samsung Galaxy S? Well there’s a super easy solution for you. You can now flash the vanilla/unbranded Android 2.2 / Froyo rom that was released today on your carrier branded Galaxy S. All you have to do is follow some simple instructions, change some registry entries related to the Samsung Kies software and your are done. Thanks to the folks over at the XDA-devs  (via Careace) who posted the following instructions:

I don’t know if this is safe on branded, carrier locked devices.

This should be obvious but backup anything you don’t want to lose.

First uninstall all lagfixes

Start up kies and connect your phone. Wait till kies recognizes the sgs.

Go to firmware upgrade.

If it doesn’t report a JPM/JP6 upgrade close the upgrade window but do not close kies!

Go to windows start > run > and type “regedit”

Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Samsung/Kies/DeviceDB/

You will probably see a bunch of numbered keys (they look like folders) Find the key/folder that has strings that match your current firmware. So if you are on JPK look for that in the keys. If you have more than one galaxy S (it can happen) then match the imei with the phone you want to upgrade.

Change the following values so they look like this:


No go back to kies and click on firmware upgrade again. You should now see the JPM upgrade.

I’ve successfully managed to flash my carrier branded Samsung Galaxy S (SFR branded) without any problem and shot a short video to show you how the rom looks like (after the break):

I didn’t have time to check out all the changes but I will talk more about all this in my upcoming Galaxy S review.

UPDATE: Samsung has pulled from the servers by Samsung that’s why you can no longer update your phone to Froyo. Tee rom was apparently buggy and a new one should be released later this month.

UPDATE AGAIN: the Official Froyo is now back up again!

UPDATE December 9: Here’s a tour of the Latest JPA build (the latest official 2.2 ROM):

  • gnein

    Greetings. This worked great for me! I’m on a Bell Mobility network in Canada, so I had one extra step to take before it worked. In the registry, I had to change the “ModelName” from “GT-I9000m” to “GT-I9000″. For those that are wondering, the Galaxy S on Bell’s network is called “Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant”.

    I’ve been using the phone on the firmware 2.2 for several hours without issues!


  • Diego!

    This is great! Samsung Galaxy S got just released here in Argentina and is branded by every cellphone company, so hopefully this works out here too. Thanks M!

  • Mkashifmansoor

    I have installed this but there is no Android market even after rebooting.
    That is a big trouble as you can install any application and I use some of them to back up.

  • Mkashifmansoor

    Had to do hard reset to get android market back but it is working well and does not need lag fix

  • The Guide

    Galaxy S Vibrant Canada. All went well phone worked great on 2.2 updated with keis. Turned phone off, now wont boot. Recovery says cant mount internal sd card? looked for fix in forums. Any ideas?

  • The guide

    Is your phone still working? mine died after the update worked for about ten minutes. did a battery break and never turned on again.

  • MobileTechWorld

    Everything’s been working perfectly forme since the update. Did you try to pop-out your SIM and try to tun it on without it ?

  • The guide

    ya i tried everything. its a gonner maybe just a bad install its all good.

  • gnein

    My phone is still working perfectly. The new MS Exchange features are great on 2.2 (still lacking in some areas, but I’ll get there with time I’m sure).

    I upgraded my co-worker’s phone to 2.2 today and his is working fine as well.

  • diablo371

    how would you downgrade back to 2.1 (possibly using the registry edit)?

  • Anonymous

    I’m assuming updating will re-lock my captivate, Rogers Canada ??

  • dominik

    My Galaxy S only got updated to Firmware version 2.1-update1. Any ideas?

  • Du571n

    My Galaxy S only got updated to Firmware version 2.1-update1 as well…

    Is there a Fix for this?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Did you try to update again after the 2.1-update1 again and see if the Froyo file is available to you ?

  • MobileTechWorld

    Sim-lock you mean ?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah sorry

  • MobileTechWorld

    I don’t think that it will re-lock your sim to your carrier if you have already unlocked it.

  • Sara Baddoura

    I tried it, but my firmware remained 2.1-update 1! Nothing changed!

  • JohnDoe

    Hey, first of all i want to mention I am running on 2.1-update 1 and I just did all the changes in regedit and this is what happened: After i changed the registries Kies said i was running on JFE i believe it was and said i should upgrade to JM1, it never mentioned the JPM upgrade. Any ideas?

  • Undead_reanimated

    Hey, first of all i want to mention that I am running on 2.1-update 1, and i just completed the changes in regedit and this is what happened: Kies says i am running on JFE i believe it was called and said i should upgrade to JM1 (my current version), it never mentioned the JPM update. Any ideas?

  • TJ

    I did the same thing you did with my bell galaxy s and all it did was give me 2.1 build 1 and took my root away and everything….gonna try again later with my other computer.

  • Mount_mordor

    Update did not work for me, kept installing the same version I already had 2.1 Update 1. AFter I did the update now it drops my phone calls all the time. I don’t recommend this update.

  • registrycleaner

    This is great! Samsung Galaxy S got just released here in Argentina and is branded by every cellphone company.